• Something went wrong with the tap so I didn 't have any water in the washroom .

    这一 英语 摘自 中国 日报 意思是:水龙头出了毛病, 厕所 一点水也没有。

  • Koala : Two hours is too long ! What if we want to use the washroom ?

    考拉:老师,考试时间太长了,其间如果想上 洗手间怎么办?

  • I really need to go to washroom you know the bathroom ?

    我非得要去 厕所了,你知道的,洗手间?

  • Initial ensures that your washroom enhances your environment and protects your staff and customers .

    initial确保您的 洗手间为您的环境 增色,并保护您的员工和客户安全。

  • As I expected somebody was using the washroom .

    不出我所料, 卫生间有人占用。

  • In the washroom we wash our hands . They started scrubbing out the bathroom .

    我们在 洗手间洗手。他们动手洗刷洗澡间。

  • The washroom and the kitchen in the basement are for public use .

    地下室的 卫生间和厨房设备是公用的。

  • Will you please tell me where the washroom is ?

    麻烦你告诉我 卫生间在哪里?

  • That night she cries her heart out in the washroom .

    晚上,她在 洗手间里伤心地哭了起来。

  • This is the new washroom .

    这是新建的 卫生间

  • It 's between the washroom and science room .

    挨着 厕所和科学教室之间。

  • Where is the washroom ?


  • A multifunctional water tank for a urinal belongs to the urinal flush water tank for a washroom .

    多用途便池用水箱,属 卫生间用便池冲水水箱。

  • Okay um I brought him into the washroom .

    好吧,嗯,我把他带到 清洗

  • I hung around until Helen had to go to the washroom .

    我在外边一直等到海伦不得不上 厕所

  • As a part of the family I know I have my own duty I will clean my room and my washroom .

    作为家庭的一员,我知道我有自己的责任,我会清洁我自己的房间和 盥洗

  • I thought this was the women 's washroom .

    我很 抱歉,我以为这儿是女 厕所

  • He slept in my washroom and door locked from inside .

    他在我 厕所里睡觉还把门 锁上了。

  • It is leaking so the washroom floor is full of water now .

    管子漏水,所以 盥洗 的地上满都是水。

  • A patron in Montreal cafe turned on a tap in the washroom and got scalded .

    蒙特利尔咖啡馆的一位顾客 拧开 盥洗 的水龙头,结果被水烫伤了。

  • I want to go to the washroom .

    我想去 洗手间OK的。

  • Carry me into the washroom directly .

    直接抱我去 卫生间

  • Do you tidy up the washroom too ?


  • They may not want to sit close to the kitchen door front door or washroom .

    他们可能会避免坐在靠近厨房,前门或 厕所 地方

  • Were is the washroom ? Please go straight ahead then turn left .

    请问 盥洗 在哪?请一直往前走,然后往左转。

  • She does it to save time and the trouble of going to the washroom .

    她这样做是为了节省时间,也省去了去 洗手间的麻烦。

  • In my new school you can go to the washroom whenever you like . I like this rule .

    在我的新学校里,只要你想上 厕所你随时都可以去,我喜欢这个规定。

  • Oh gushes out I truly not to use my washroom in any event !

    噢涌出我无论如何真正地没有使用我的 洗手间

  • What is the difference between former washroom and the modern washroom .

    这个 厕所和你过去的厕所有什么区别啊?

  • Two players of our team have gone to the washroom and they will be back soon .

    我们有两名队员去 洗手间了,马上回来。