• He touched the manila folder which Wainwright had put down .

    他按了 温赖特 放下的马尼拉纸文件

  • Even as the film moved ... to the more deadly fields of Vietnam old hatreds vibrated in me ( Loudon Wainwright )

    尽管电影移向越南更加死气沉沉的区域,古老的憎恨仍在我的心中震动( 劳登韦恩赖特

  • Both Alex Vandervoort and Nolan Wainwright had accepted headsets so they could listen to exchanges between callers operators .

    亚历克斯·范德沃特和 诺兰·温赖特两人都接过耳机,以便监听来电询问者和承询员之间的对话。

  • Wainwright is also a researcher in the Center for Drug Discovery and Chemical Biology at Feinberg .

    Wainwright 博士是这一研究的 领导者,同时他也是Feinberg医学院新药开发和化学生物学中心的研究人员。

  • It so happened that the branch manager was also a local councilman and had been influential in Nolan Wainwright 's appointment as chief of police .

    分行经理恰好是当地市政会议员,在任命 诺兰·温赖特当警察 所长 此人 作用

  • Fascinating research by David Ranson of Wainwright Economics shows an almost perfect correlation between US foreclosure rates and declines in house prices .


  • Wainwright also knows when to outsource .


  • Nolan Wainwright watching from a window saw her walk to a bus-stop across the street .


  • Mr Wainwright said boodles was likely to concentrate its overseas ambitions on Asia although it was possible it could also open a store in New York during the next five years .


  • Wainwright rubbed a knuckle along the surface of his chin .


  • A year went by during which Wainwright continued boxing stayed in school and managed to keep out of trouble .

    一年 之中温赖特 坚持 拳击, 规矩 地上学尽量不去惹事生非。

  • Nolan Wainwright said he could see no relationship between a loan application and a traffic summons .


  • Would Wainwright find some way to retaliate within the bank ?

    温赖特会不会在银行内部 寻衅报复呢?

  • Wainwright knew the FBI would be angry if called in several days after the event to investigate a cold trail .

    温赖特明白,如果事发之后几天才把联邦调查局请来侦查一 无迹可寻的 案子对方肯定会勃然大怒。

  • It was early evening two hours since Wainwright had responded to Edwina 's summons and taken over investigation of the cash loss .

    夜幕刚刚降临,从 温赖特应埃德温娜之请接手现金失窃案到现在,才过去两个钟头。

  • Nolan Wainwright now nearly fifty had been spawned in the city 's slums and from birth had found life 's odds stacked against him .


  • Mr Wainwright said mainland China was likely to be the next step for Boodles if it decided to push ahead with the expansion .


  • Wainwright had located an ex-convict known to him only as vic who was prepared to take the considerable risk in return for money .

    温赖特已经 物色到一个只知道名叫“维克”的刑满释放犯,为了钱,此人准备冒大风险。