• Peter announced that he had no intention of wasting his time at any university

    彼得宣称他无意在任何一所大学 浪费时间。

  • Those who shop on Sunday to beat the rush are wasting their time .

    那些为了在抢购高峰前下手而在星期天购物的人是 浪费时间。

  • He 's just wasting away and the doctor seems unable to help .

    他的 体力 日见 亏损,而大夫好像也无能为力。

  • The team was penalized for intentionally wasting time .

    球队因故意 拖延时间而被判罚。

  • Tapp was eventually cautioned for wasting police time .

    最后,塔普因 浪费警方时间而受到警告。

  • Am I wasting my time here or what ?

    我是在这儿 浪费时间吗,是不是啊?

  • His companions brought pressure to bear on him urging him to stop wasting money .

    他的伙伴们给他施加压力,劝他不要再 浪费钱。

  • We used to grumble that we were wasting time learning a dead language .

    我们过去常常抱怨自己是 浪费时间学一门死语言。

  • At this point it suddenly struck me that I was wasting my time .

    在这一刻,我突然意识到自己是 浪费时间。

  • There is no use wasting time in discussing the matter .


  • The group says it wants politicians to stop wasting public money on what it believes are frivolous projects .

    这个团体表示希望从政者不要再 公帑 浪费在一些它认为无关痛痒的项目上。

  • It is part of the chairman 's duty to keep each speaker to the point to save wasting time .

    使每位发言人不离题,少 浪费时间,是主持人的部分职责。

  • Why was he wasting her time with these irrelevancies ?

    他为什么要在这些无关紧要的事上 浪费她的时间呢?

  • I think we might be wasting time .

    我想我们可能 浪费时间。

  • I told them how to do it but I was wasting my breath ; they went and tried it their way & and failed !

    我告诉他们怎么做,但是我 口舌,他们还是按自己的一套去做&结果失败了!

  • I 've made up my mind you 're wasting your breath .

    我的主意已定,你别 徒费唇舌了。

  • Anybody who does that is wasting his time and money .

    无论是谁,那样做 纯属 浪费时间和金钱。

  • You 're wasting your breath ! do you think I don 't know that ?


  • If I did nothing I was wasting my time and my life .

    如果我这样做什么,我是 浪费我的时间和我的生活。

  • She worked while she talked ; not wasting a moment .

    她一边说话一边干活,不 荒废 半点 功夫。

  • I 'm wasting my time with you .

    和你们在一起我真是 浪费时间。

  • That teacher is wasting his effort trying to hammer useless facts into such children .

    那位老师 徒劳地向这些孩子反复灌输无用的知识。

  • Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted .

    你所享受了的“ 浪费时间”,并没有被浪费。

  • Since my aunt 's operation she has simply been wasting away and may not last long .

    自从我姑母动手术后,她 瘦弱得简直不成 样子,可能不久于人世了。

  • You are wasting your time and energy ; I 'm temptation-proof .

    你是 浪费时间和精力,我是不会受诱惑的。

  • If we don 't try to get rid of wasting coal we 'll get through the coal quickly .

    如果我们不努力克服对煤炭的 浪费,我们很快就会把所有的煤都用光的。

  • My resources are wasting rapidly .

    我的财富很快 化为乌有了。

  • He spent all his money as well as wasting his time .

    他不但 糟蹋了时候,还花光了他所有的钱。

  • The tone of her voice told him he was wasting his breath .

    她的语气使他明白他是 白费口舌。

  • You are wasting your breath .

    你这是 白费唇舌。