wages account

[ˈwedʒɪs əˈkaʊnt][ˈweidʒis əˈkaunt]


  • This paper takes Xing Tang Town construction bureau as a research object which is an administrative institution where the rank wages account for a big slice and the management personnel enjoys the treatment of civil servants as well as has some institution units .

    本文所选取的行唐县建设局是一家行政事业单位,管理人员享受公务员待遇,其下属几个单位为事业单位,因此在 工资 分配中职级 工资 较大比重。

  • The innovation of this paper is clicked as follows : 1.Based on gray system theory this paper makes relational analysis of T & Mode on minimum wages ' influencing factors using data of Beijing and reveals related indicators the government taking into account . 2 .

    论文研究的创新点:1.以北京为例,基于灰色系统理论对最低 工资 标准影响因素进行了T型关联度分析,从而揭示出政府部门在 最低 工资标准制定中所 考察的相关因素。

  • We can define the ideas of value and capital profit wages and rent ; we can resolve them into their elements and speculate on what may influence their rising or falling & c.without thereby taking into account the political circumstances of the nation .

    我们可以为价值、资本、利润、 工资和地租下定义,我们可以把它们分解成元素,从而研究足以影响它们涨落的是些什么,等等,而不必 牵涉到国家的政治环境。

  • And domestic wages and materials account for about 30 % of the cost of those re-exports .

    国内的 工人 工资及原材料只 这些再出口商品成本的30%。

  • Whenever there is a situation of unpaid wages bank charge of the duty to report to labor competent department and labor competent department could apply to the court immediately to block the employers ' account .

    一旦出现 拖欠,银行有责任及时向劳动主管部门通报,劳动主管部门可立即向法院申请冻结该用人单位的 资金 账户

  • Looks after wages account shores leaves and liaises with crew 's family .

    负责船员的 薪酬 帐目及休假事宜,并与船员家属联络。

  • Wages which account for one-10th of costs have nearly doubled since 2004 according to government data .

    政府数据显示, 总成本十分之一的 工资费用自2004年以来增长了近一倍。