water jacket

[ˈwɔtɚ ˈdʒækɪt][ˈwɔ:tə ˈdʒækit]


  • Due to unsatisfactory softened water dense water scale grows inside the cooling water jacket blast furnace .

    由于软化水不合要求,使鼓风炉 水套内产生了致密的水垢。

  • The exterior of the tank body is provided with an interlayer water jacket provided with a constant temperature heating device and a water inlet and a water outlet valves .

    在罐体外部装有夹层 水套水套中装有恒温加热装置,水套上设有进、出水阀。

  • Improved Design of Body Water Jacket by CFD in Off-road Diesel Engine

    非道路用柴油机缸体 水套CFD分析及优化改进

  • And the investigation of the water jacket of the cylinder head becomes significative .

    对缸盖 冷却 的研究也就变的更有意义。

  • This paper analyzes the cause and mechanism of corrosion in hydrogen chloride synthesizer with steel-made water jacket in PVC production and determines the restriction conditions and designing countermeasures for wall temperature in the synthesizer .

    分析了PVC生产中钢制 氯化氢合成炉腐蚀原因和腐蚀机理,确定了合成炉设计的壁温约束条件和设计对策。

  • Flow velocity in cylinder head water jacket is always higher than 0.5m / s assuring good cooling effect .

    气缸盖 水套保证水流速度高于0.5m/s,冷却良好。

  • The water inlet pipe of the water jacket is connected with an automatic water replenishing tank outside the furnace .


  • Around the engine cylinder is a water jacket .

    围绕着发动机汽缸的是一个 水套

  • A water-cooling system consists of water jacket water pump radiator thermostat cooling fan rubber hose etc.

    水冷法系统包括 水套,水泵,幅射器,温箱,冷却风扇,橡胶水喉,等。

  • This equipment specially used for engine cylinder block and head of water jacket and oil leakage of tao detection .

    本设备专门用于对发动机缸体、缸盖 水套及油道的泄漏检测;

  • Cooling Water Jacket CFD Analysis and Optimization for Automotive Diesel Engine

    车用柴油机冷却 水套的CFD分析与优化

  • Locally-dry semi-automatic underwater welding machine Around the engine cylinder is a water jacket .

    水下局部排水半自动焊机围绕着发动机汽缸的是一个 水套

  • A group of horizontal secondary heating pipes communicating with the double-layer water jacket can be arranged in the flue of the hot-water boiler .

    本实用新型的烟道中可以设置一组与双层 水套相通的横置二次加热管。

  • The numerical simulation on fluid flow in cooling water jacket of498 diesel engine is performed using computational fluid dynamics ( CFD ) software FLUENT .

    应用CFD模拟分析软件FLUENT对498发动机 冷却 水套内的流场进行模拟计算,研究分析了水泵内流场对发动机内冷却 流动的影响。

  • The cylinder head water jacket of a high speed diesel engine is analyzed by using CFD technology .

    利用CFD技术对一高速柴油机缸盖 水套进行了分析。

  • Closely combined with the actual structures in the offshore oil production engineering the research has certain instruction significance and practical value for the design construction and installment of deep water jacket platforms .

    本课题研究紧密结合海洋石油开发工程中的实际结构,对我国 深水 导管 平台设计、建造和安装有一定的指导意义和工程实用价值。

  • The research and application of structural member inspection technique for offshore deep water jacket

    海洋平台 深水 导管 结构杆件检测方法研究与应用

  • Reasons for the leakage of steel synthesis furnace with water jacket are analysed . Methods to increase its service life are put forward which involves controlling the purity of material gas i.

    对钢制 水冷合成炉泄漏原因进行了分析,提出了延长合成炉使用寿命的办法:控制原料气氯气和氢气的纯度;

  • In the optimized water jacket the stagnant zones are basically eliminated and the cooling capacity of the water jacket is improved obviously with good effect in the real application .

    仿真结果表明:改进后缸体内的流动死区基本消除, 水套的整体冷却能力显著提高,实际应用效果良好。

  • The water jacket is designed especially for the toughest application ( AC arc furnace ) but other models are available particularly for small cables which require more flexibility .

    水冷 外壳是特别为交流电弧炉等应用设计的。当然它也适用与一些需要灵活性的小电缆。

  • Because acidified roasting intensity of fluid bed roaster is lower this paper puts forward a program to modify the water jacket the cooler the joint part etc.

    由于沸腾焙烧炉酸化焙烧强度较低,提出了改造 水套、冷却器、连接等部位。

  • Chromium-plated thin-walled steel cylinder liner Around the engine cylinder is a water jacket .

    钢质薄壁镀铬汽缸衬套围绕着发动机汽缸的是一个 水套

  • Flow Analysis in Cooling Water Jacket of Engine Based on Three Dimensional CFD Technology

    基于三维CFD技术的发动机冷却 水套流动分析

  • The cooling liquid is water . Antifreeze compounds are added to the water during the winter . The water jacket are cast into the cylinder Blocks and heads .

    制冷混合物,冷冻剂冷却液是水。冬季在水中须加人防冻剂。 水套被铸人气缸体和气缸盖内部。

  • Finally this paper studies the heat exchanger effect of cooling water jacket on the cylinder head for the cooling media of different parameters .

    最后,本文研究了冷却介质流动参数对缸盖 换热效果的影响。

  • The utility model relates to heat exchange fins on a heat exchange water jacket in household cooking and heating stove implements belonging to the technical field of heating .

    本实用新型涉及家用炊事取暖炉具中,换 热水 上的换热翅,属取暖技术领域。

  • The Study of Structural Stability for Deep Water Jacket ; Fabrication deflection of jacket pipe in deep water and its stiffness against buckling

    深水 导管 平台结构稳定性分析研究深水导管架桩 制造误差与抗屈曲特性研究

  • Research on Copper Water Jacket of Lead Tapping Port for Top-blown Lead Smelting Furnace with Oxygen Enrichment

    富氧顶吹炼铅炉放铅口铜 水套的使用研究

  • Launch Analysis and Design Method for Deep Water Jacket

    深水 导管 滑移 下水的安装分析技术和设计方法

  • An engine cylinder head gasket leaking between a cylinder and an adjacent water jacket is indicated by coolant foaming or overheating and loss of coolant .

    在一个汽缸和相邻的 水套之间的引擎汽缸头套环泄漏的标志是冷却液冷却液产生泡沫或者过热,并且冷却液流失。