wait for

[wet fɔr][weit fɔ:]

等待<非正> 注意<非正>推迟(用餐)直到(某人)到达观望形势后再作决定

  • Just wait for me in the lounge .

    请在休息室里 我就行了。

  • They were having a long wait for someone to serve them .

    他们 服务员过来 了很长时间。

  • Please wait for a moment .


  • Time and tide wait for no man .

    岁月不 等人

  • They have to wait for clearance from air traffic control .

    他们需要 空中交通管制人员的放行。

  • I walk to a street corner and wait for the school bus

    我走到街角 校车。

  • They wait for the group to decide rather than making individual decisions

    他们 等待团体作决定而不是各自作出决定。

  • Now he knows he 's in the driver 's seat and can wait for a better deal .

    现在他明白他处于支配地位,可以 等到更好的待遇。

  • Wait for a few minutes .


  • The robbers were lying in wait for the rich traveller .

    强盗们 埋伏起来 准备袭击那个有钱的旅客。

  • All that was left was to plant the roses and wait for nature to do her stuff .

    剩下的就只是栽上玫瑰,然后 大自然施展她的神奇魔力。

  • I could hardly wait for ' Boys ' World ' to appear each month .

    每个月我都 翘首 期盼 《男孩世界》的出版。

  • Don 't wait for me please . That might be more convenient for both of us .


  • ' Wait for me ! ' Melanie squawked . ' I 'm not staying here alone . '


  • Check us in at the hotel and wait for my call .

    去宾馆 我们办理好入住手续,然后 我的电话。

  • It is a true saying that time and tide wait for no man .


  • He had left word I should wait for him here .

    他留下话让我在这儿 他。

  • As soon as they 've finished up they kick back and wait for the next show .

    他们一完工就开始休息并 等待下一场演出。

  • They should be allowed to wait for cheaper technologies to be developed .

    应该允许他们 等到更廉价的技术被开发出来。

  • He underwent an agonising 48-hour wait for the results of tests .

    他苦苦 等待了48个小时,化验结果才出来。

  • Wait for a couple of minutes with your mouth closed before inserting the thermometer .

    先合上嘴巴 几分钟再放进体温计。

  • If you stop on the hard shoulder wait for the police or breakdown service .

    如果你的车坏在路肩上了,就 警察或修理站来帮忙。

  • These doughs can be rolled out while you wait for the pastry to chill .


  • Now we wait for them to turn in their essays

    现在我们 他们交上作文。

  • The boss pondered for a long time and decided to wait for the highest bid .

    老板思考半天,决定 待价而沽

  • Should I go back to the motel and wait for you to telephone ?

    我要回汽车旅馆 你电话吗?

  • They should wait for the most propitious moment between now and the next election

    他们应 等待从现在到下次选举之间的最有利时机。

  • If she wanted to go anywhere at all she had to wait for her father to drive her .

    她想去任何地方都只能 父亲开车送她去。