waste water reclamation

[west ˈwɔtɚ ˌrɛkləˈmeʃən][weist ˈwɔ:tə ˌrekləˈmeɪʃən]

[化] 废水回收

  • The effects of an integral heat pump-heat recollection model applied to CO 2 removal system and waste water reclamation system on the mass and power consumption of the whole space station are also evaluated .

    在此基础上,对该热泵&废热回收集成模式用于空间站CO2去除系统和 废水 再生系统给整个空间站质量和功耗所带来的影响进行了理论分析。

  • The waste water treatment and the reclamation of water and steam


  • Analysis of Waste Water Sludge Reclamation and Reuse Technology

    污水污泥处理的 资源化技术分析

  • Total quantity control and compensation system for water resources utilization should be implemented . Water saving industries and agricultures should be built and effective technological measures should be taken for saving domestic water consumption and waste water reclamation .

    最后提出包括建立有效的水资源财产权结构、进行水资源价值核算、实施水资源利用总量控制和 资源补偿在内的可持续管理对策及有关技术措施。