wait on

[wet ɑn][weit ɔn]


  • Wait in the back or wait on the side .

    在后面等或者 上等

  • We 'll have to wait on line for40 minutes .

    我们还需要 40分钟才能开打。

  • Wait on will you ? I 'm just coming !


  • Mrs. Collins gave me leave to wait on you .

    柯林斯太太让我 这儿 你。

  • It 's a15-day wait on the handguns but the rifles you can take now .

    手枪要 15天,但你现在可拿走那些步枪。

  • A : I want to marry a man who will wait on me hand and foot .

    我想嫁给一个能 俯首帖耳的男人。

  • Wait on event occurrences with the select ()( or a blocking read ()) system call .

    使用select()(或阻塞的read())系统调用 等待事件发生。

  • There were plenty of servants to wait on her

    有很多仆人 服侍她。

  • The nouveau riche is hiring more people to wait on him and paying them more .

    这些暴发户们雇佣了更多的人来 服侍他们,支付的工资也有所提高。

  • To wait on me like those plantations back home .

    有像家乡种植园一样的仆人 伺候我。

  • We wait on your reply to our letter .

    我们 你们的回信。

  • I will wait on the balcony .

    阳台 上等

  • Since then I 've been waiting on events

    自那以后,我就一直在 观望事情的发展。

  • Don 't expect me to wait on your hand and foot make your own breakfast .

    不要样样都指望我 伺候你,你的早饭你自己做。

  • This servant will wait on your guests .

    这个 服务员将为你的客人服务。

  • Our commercial agent will wait on you next Monday .

    下周一我们的商务代表将 拜访您。

  • We cannot wait on the government to make changes at its own pace .

    我们不可能 等待政府按照它自己的步调作出改变。

  • Its have grape blackberry La Mei and plum to wait on behalf of the fruit .


  • He gained maturity from being on loan and we have to wait on and trust that .

    他从租借中获取了经验,我们必须 等待并抱有信心。

  • In Linux there is no way to do a timed wait on a waitpid () call .

    在Linux中,使用waitpid()调用无法 等待限定的时间。

  • We can 't wait on them forever .

    我们不能永远 他们。

  • They all wait on the king .

    他们都 侍奉国王。

  • She looked around for a salesman to wait on her .

    她环顾四周.找售货员 接待她。

  • Users can keep entering information and the application isn 't going to wait on the server .

    用户可以继续输入信息,应用程序不会 等待服务器。

  • I don 't fetch or carry for you or wait on you personally .

    我没有给你拿这拿那,或者 单独 伺候过你。

  • Please wait on will you ? I 'm just coming !


  • He liked having servants to wait on him .

    他喜欢有仆人 侍候他。

  • So you 'd come back to work and wait on me .

    好让你回去工作 接待我。

  • Now wait on orders please repair fishing tools !

    现在 措施,请修理一下打捞工具!

  • Make your own tea . I don 't see why I should wait on you hand and foot .

    你自己沏茶。我不明白为什么我该 样样 伺候你。