waiting room

[ˈwetɪŋ rum][ˈweɪtɪŋ ru:m]


  • While her mother and two brothers sat in the waiting room .

    当时她母亲和两个兄弟就在 候诊

  • Take a seat in the waiting room ; the doctor will see you presently .

    候诊 坐一会儿,医生马上会来给你看病。

  • I was triage nurse that day and had just been out to the waiting room to clean up .

    我在那天是当班的分诊护士,刚去了一下 候诊 做清理工人。

  • They are sitting in the waiting room .

    他们在 候诊 坐着。

  • I spent the day in the waiting room polishing a manuscript whose only significance was its power to distract .

    我在 候诊 花了一整天来校订我那篇手稿,它惟一重要的作用就是分散我焦急的心情。

  • As I sat in the cage of the dentist 's waiting room I watched two other patients arrive .

    当我坐在牙医诊所 等候 这个笼子里,我看到另外两位患者来到这里。

  • I have a waiting room full .

    等候 满是 着我的人。

  • You were not looking at the door to the waiting room the entire time were you ?

    你没有在全过程中一直看着那扇 等候 的门,是不是?

  • Again I had to wait in the waiting room .

    又一次在 候诊 等待;

  • It was cold on the railway platform so we hurried into the warm waiting room .

    月台很冷,所以我们赶紧躲到温暖的 候车

  • She 's been sitting in the waiting room since two-thirty .

    自两点半她就坐在 等候 了。

  • Kate : You 're in the wrong waiting room . The vet 's office is next door .

    凯伊:你来错了 候诊 ,兽医在隔壁。

  • I kept trying to write my paper in the waiting room but it was too hard .

    我试着在 等候 写作文,但我办不到。

  • He met your parents in the waiting room .

    他在 等候 见了你的父母。

  • He sat here in the waiting room .

    他坐在 候诊 等候

  • We were ushered into a waiting room lined with uncomfortable chairs .

    我们被领进一间 等候 里面排列着坐上去不太舒服的椅子。

  • I saw a sleeping girl in the waiting room .

    候车 我看见一个熟睡的女孩。

  • Lollipops in the waiting room .

    他在 候诊 放了棒棒糖。

  • I took it to the waiting room .

    我把它拿到 等候 的。

  • Change the new platform a comfortable waiting room people such as truck is not so bored .

    站台变新了,有舒服的 候车 ,人们等车时就不那么无聊了。

  • A policeman had visited John in the waiting room and asked him questions .

    警察在 候诊 找到了John并且询问了他一些问题。

  • I spent a whole hour kicking my heels in the waiting room before I was shown into his office .

    我在 等候 足足坐了一个钟头冷板凳,才有人带我到他的办公室里。

  • Waiting room the galley or pantry of a small ship .

    候车(船、机、 会客小船上的厨房或餐具室。

  • The only magazine in the waiting room was a scientific journal full of technical jargon above my head .

    候诊 唯一的杂志是一份全是术语的科学期刊,我看不懂。

  • Notices in the waiting room requested that you neither smoke nor spit

    候车 的公告牌要求人们不要吸烟和随地吐痰。

  • She fainted in the waiting room and had to be carried out .

    她在 候车 晕过去了,被抬了出去。

  • The waiting room is crowded with passengers waiting for the bus to come .

    候车 挤满了等着车来的乘客。

  • Well your father is in the waiting room & you can go home with him now .

    好啦,你父亲在 等候 &你现在可以跟他回去了。

  • Two children were in a doctor 's waiting room . The little girl was softly sobbing .

    两个小孩在医生的 候诊 。小女孩在轻轻的哭。

  • In the doctor 's waiting room sick people were sitting on their chair .

    在医生的 候诊 ,病人们坐在椅子上 等候