water clarifier


  • The study suggests : it is importance to enhance hygienic supervising administration and to spread hygienic knowledge of using the household water clarifier .

    结果表明,进一步加强卫生监督监测工作与普及使用 净化器卫生知识具有现实意义。

  • The analysis of High-turbid Water with High Effective Flocculation Clarifier Based on CSTR Principle

    用CSTR原理分析高浊度 的高效絮凝 澄清装置

  • The effects of disturbing air bubble on outlet water quality during mechanical accelerating clarifier operation

    机械加速 澄清 运行中扰动气泡对出水 水质的影响

  • A Research on Boiler Ash Water Treatment Using Radial Flow Clarifier and the Related Design

    用辐流 沉淀 处理煤灰 及其设计的探讨

  • Operation results show that the water treatment efficiency of the improved circulator clarifier can increase by almost three times as compared with traditional ones and its capability to resist shock loads and its safety in operation can also increase greatly .

    运行结果表明,改进后的 水力循环 澄清 处理效率比传统水力循环 澄清 提高近三倍,抗冲击负荷能力、安全性都有很大的提高。

  • Study on the Process of Extracting Treatment of Acid Water from Neutralized Alkaline Residue in Refinery by Mixing Clarifier Tank

    应用混合& 澄清槽萃取炼油厂碱渣中和酸性 工艺研究

  • As a significant structure in water treatment the application of clarifier combined with flocculation and sedimentation is widespread .

    集絮凝、沉淀于一体的 澄清 作为 给水处理中的重要构筑物,在 给水处理中有着非常广泛的应用。

  • Study on the High Turbid Source Water by Enhanced Water-power Whirling Clarifier

    强化水旋 澄清 技术处理高浊度黄河 的研究

  • Preparation and Performance Test of Filter Materials of Water Clarifier


  • Study on Adsorption Capability to Heavy Metal of PAA - silica Gel for Water Clarifier

    PAA-硅胶 水剂对重金属的吸附性能研究