waste valve

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  • The recovery of chlorhydric acid and aluminum chloride from the pickling waste liquid of the aluminum material by using chemical analysis based on the principle of chlorhydric acid distillation is characterized by its simple workmanship and high ratc of recovery which proves of great valve in application .

    根据盐酸蒸馏的原理,运用化学分析方法,对铝型材酸洗 废液进行盐酸和氯化铝的综合回收.该法具有工艺简单、回收率高的特点,有较好的应用 价值

  • After the neutralizing reaction of alkali waste and flue gas it separated into inorganic phase and organic phase . The average pH valve of inorganic phase reduced 3.62 . After further treatment it reached environmental protection requirements .

    装置运行结果表明: 碱渣经加热炉烟气处理后,产生的无机相pH值平均降低 3.62,经进一步处理,可满足环保 排放的要求;

  • Steel mills using waste gas in combined cycle power project steel mills use the nominal diameter ≥ 200mm of large control valve to control pressure of the mixed gas .

    在钢厂的循环发电工程中,各钢厂 利用公称直径d≥200mm的大型调节 对混合煤气进行压力控制。

  • It is introduced on emphasis that application fields technology principle and designing emphasis of converting vessel waste heated gas control valve .

    介绍了转化器 废热锅炉调节 的应用领域,分析了其工作原理,论述了其主要零件的设计方法。

  • In view of energy waste will be made mainly through regulating valve to change the flow the point of adopting frequency conversion is put forward to change the flow .

    针对目前主要采用 阀门调节 管路流量而造成能源 浪费的问题,提出通过变频调速改变流量的观点。

  • The elimination of fecal waste through the anus . Stand clear of the regulator and valve outlet while opening the valve .

    通过肛门排出 粪便的过程。开启阀门时,躲开调整器和 阀门排气口。

  • The author analyzed the principle of reducing NO_X waste gas by EGR selected a fit valve system at the same time analyzed the VNT system .

    在文中,作者分析了EGR降低NOx 排放的机理,并针对于 CA498柴油机,选取了适合其控制的 系统,同时,对于VNT也进行了一定的分析。