• Cut around the waistband and down around the zipper making sure to leave enough room to sew .

    切断周围 腰带 下左右拉链,确保留下足够的空间缝。

  • He stood up undoing the waistband of his trousers .

    他站起来,解开裤 腰带

  • I saw a gun in the suspect 's waistband .

    我看见他 腰间 了把枪。

  • Last Saturday morning my husband lost the waistband button on a pair of khakis .

    上周六早晨,我丈夫的一条卡其布的 裤腰 的一颗钮扣丢了。

  • A good investment is a skirt with an elastic waistband .

    一条配有弹性 腰带的裙子是很有眼光的投资。

  • Lewis reached into his waistband Bloom tried to restrain him and Lewis punched Bloom in the face .

    路易斯 随即伸入布鲁姆的 腰带。布鲁姆试图反抗、被路易斯一拳打在脸上。

  • The utility model which comprises the trousers ( 1 ) also comprises a waistband ( 2 ) connected with the position of the waist of the trousers ( 1-1 ) of the trousers ( 1 ) by a coupled mode .

    本实用新型包括裤子(1),它还包括 腰带(2),所述 腰带(2)与裤子(1)的裤腰(1-1)处通过耦合方式连接。

  • Hey yeah I 'm from the waistband of Wyoming .

    我要在这 裙子 腰带 松紧

  • Modern kilts have up to eight metres of material which is thickly pleated at the back and sides with the pleats stitched together only at the waistband .

    现代方格呢裙需要长达8米的布料才能制成,身后和两侧都需要打厚褶,而且褶皱只在 腰带 缝合。

  • Don had a hefty roll of flab overhanging his waistband .

    唐的 腰间沉甸甸地坠着一圈赘肉。

  • A beautiful butterfly flied here she untied her waistband and quickly brought the thumb girl away from the area .

    一只美丽的蝴蝶飞了过来,她解开了 腰带,带着拇指姑娘很快地飞离了这个地方。

  • Apply area : industry of box handbag waistband shoes gift-packaging sofa furniture and so on .

    适用范围:箱包,手袋, 腰带,鞋类,礼品包装,沙发家具等行业。

  • A full skirt with a gathered waistband . mouton collar tunnel belt surcoat with quilted rayon lining

    带一条束 腰带的连衣裙。羊皮领束腰人造丝绗棉衬里中大衣

  • Some jeggings have faux zip-flies and pockets while others just have an elastic waistband and no pockets .

    有些jeggings会有假的拉链和裤兜设计,有些则带松紧 腰带,没有裤兜。

  • Elaborate the Decorate Function of the Waistband in Clothing

    腰带设计在 现代服装中的装饰作用

  • The slacks have an elastic waistband .

    这条便裤的 腰带 伸缩

  • Life has many ups and downs-and so does a gentleman 's waistband .

    生活一直有高低起伏&男士的 腰带也是这样。

  • You then hear me unbuckle my belt and slip it out of the loops on the waistband of my suit trousers .

    然后你会听见我解开皮带的声音,然后我将皮带从我的 裤子上抽出来。

  • This short Dao is girded on waistband .

    这种短刀是 腰带 上面的。

  • Some makers offer above mid-knee shorts or straight-legged trousers with waistband belt carriers front pleats side pockets and mock fly zipper .

    缝制者提供了长达中膝以上的西装短裤或直筒裤,裤子上有 、带襻、西裤前褶、插袋以及假门襟拉链。

  • The utility model relates to a pair of multifunctional trousers which is composed of zips an alarm a waistband a layer of cloth a cotton layer and a plastic layer .

    本实用新型涉及多功能裤子,它是由拉链、警报器、 腰带、布层、棉层、塑料层构成。

  • He trims his belt and his button . He shoved the gun into his waistband and buttoned his jacket over it .

    他理好腰带和钮扣。迅速插在 腰带上,把上衣 ,盖好,扣上钮子。

  • Its skillfully woven waistband is to be like it-of one piece with the ephod and made with gold and with blue purple and scarlet yarn and with finely twisted linen .

    巧工织的带子,要和以 弗得一样的作法,用以束上,与以弗得接连一块,要用金线和蓝色,紫色,朱红色线,并捻的细麻作成。

  • So you have a waistband on underwear ;

    所以,内衣有 腰带

  • I have got so fat that I will have to let the waistband out several inches .

    我变得这么胖,以致得把 腰带 放宽几英寸。

  • A red multi-coloured flared skirt with jacquard yoke shot through with subtle gold threads for example is casual enough for daytime ; fitted with a gentle waistband that doubles as a bandeau it becomes a cocktail dress .

    例如,提花裙腰穿插细金线的红色五彩大摆裙在白天穿着非常随意;搭配一条可以折叠成发带的软 腰带,就变身为一款可以出席鸡尾酒会的装束了。

  • If I put anything else on with a waistband I 'm gonna cry .

    如果我再穿上任何东西 我会哭出来的。

  • I just need some new boxers with a comfortable waistband and a button fly .

    我就要 几条 短裤, 那种 裤腰很舒服的, 扣子的 裆的。