• He had hordes of children and a washed-out wife .

    他有一大群孩子和一个 身心 疲惫的妻子。

  • Technical Study of Fly Ash Three-Slag Base Course Materials Modified with Washed-out Slurry


  • I must recollect as many past memories about him as possible * I should not let them go and fade away like a piece of washed-out cloth .

    我要尽可能地收拾那些往昔的回忆,不能让它们就这样悄悄溜走,如同一块 褪色的布片!

  • She was wearing a washed-out old T-shirt and jeans .

    她穿了一 的旧t恤衫和牛仔裤。

  • The once brightly painted sails had become so discolored by the sun and water that they were now a washed-out gray .

    曾经色彩夺目的帆经过日晒雨 也已经变成了 褪色的灰色。

  • Sun-bleached deck chairs ; faded jeans ; a very pale washed-out blue ; washy colors .

    被阳光晒白了的折叠椅;褪了色的牛仔裤;非常淡的 的蓝色;褪了 的颜色。

  • He stared at me out of those washed-out blue eyes .

    暗淡 无神的蓝眼睛盯着我看。

  • Now these are not your typical washed-out alumni still hanging around campus far past graduation .

    这里不是 哪些 黯淡 无神在校园里 逛的校友, 而是 那些很久以前就毕业了校友们。

  • To avoid puffy bloodshot eyes dark under-eye circles and a pale washed-out complexion and for peak alertness and energy experts say you need eight hours of sleep a night .

    专家们说,人每天的正常睡眠应达到8小时,这样才能保证头脑清醒,精力充沛,避免出现眼睛浮肿、充血,黑眼圈,和 面色苍白等 现象

  • To return for the wedding of his sister and to show his own future wife to them the washed-out rag of an American girl .

    这次他回来是为了参加妹妹的婚礼, 也是为了把未来的妻子 回家, 就是这个 完全美国化了的 女孩儿