• The remedial method of contagious soft wart is much and soft wart uses simple infectivity commonly local therapeutics can .

    传染性 软疣的治疗方法多且简单传染性软疣一般用局部疗法即可。

  • White vinegar and creams can effectively dry out a painful and unsightly wart but when these remedies are not available a banana will work .

    白醋与乳霜能有效去除看不 的疼痛 。如果上述方法无法奏效,香蕉能派上用场。

  • After soaking the wart in water and gently scrubbing it with pumice stone the procedure was repeated for up to two months or until the wart disappeared .

    在水中浸泡 后,用浮石轻轻擦拭其表面,这样坚持2个月,或直到疣消失。

  • That many people can be infected with the genital wart virus but show no obvious lumpy warts

    有很多人可以感染生殖器 病毒,但显示没有明显的结节疣

  • Lyn loves him warts and all


  • Flat Wart Zhuahen often along with a beaded-like .

    扁平 常沿抓痕呈串珠状排列。

  • What you will want to do is apply a small amount of castor oil to your wart .


  • Robbed of its microbes the wart gradually vanishes .

    微生没有了, 就渐渐消失了。

  • Acuteness wet wart can grow outer genital areas of different size easily hemorrhage cauliflower-like neoplasm surface and stinking purulent .

    尖锐 湿疣可在外生殖器部位长出大小不等的菜花样肿物,容易出血,表面还有恶臭的脓性分泌物。

  • A case of multiple wart with systemic lupus erythematosus

    系统性红斑狼疮合并 手足多发性 寻常 1例

  • I wart to buy a carton of ashima .

    我要买一箱 阿诗玛香烟。

  • Tell the wart to leave or we wil be forced to call the cops .

    叫那个 讨厌鬼走开,否则我们只好叫警察了。

  • Scientists speculate that by mildly irritating the wart the tape activates the immune system which suppresses the viral microbes that cause warts .

    科学家们推测也许是由于轻度地刺激 ,胶带激活了免疫系统,抑制了产生疣的病毒微生物的产生。

  • True I am touching your wart at this moment but could that not be an illusion ?

    确实,我现在正在摸着你的 ,可难道那不可能是个幻觉?

  • Acid application genital wart cream and curettage

    酸的应用,生殖器 霜和刮

  • If the wart is treated by electric therapy or frozen therapy of western medicine it will grow again .

    病毒 若用西医的 电疗法 冷冻疗法」, 脱落后又会再长, 缠绵 难愈治标不治本。

  • Acetic acid white test is positive besides it is acuteness wet wart still have other reasons ?

    醋酸白试验阳性除了是尖锐 湿疣,还有其他的原因吗?

  • The possibility that you say is soft wart a lot of people have it is nobody makes a fuss of only .

    你说的可能是软 瘊子,很多人都有,只是没人大惊小怪。

  • He gives us a portrait of the real Gandhi warts and all

    他向我们描绘了真正的 甘地包括 他的 不足

  • In view of from the body vaccine the treatment virus wart the herpes our province authoritative skin venereal diseases expert accepted newspaper reporter to interview .

    针对“自体疫苗”治疗病毒 、疱疹,我省权威皮肤性病专家接受了本报记者采访。

  • The cure for warts requires the sufferer to sprinkle the well water on the wart once a day for three weeks .

    治疣的方法是,患者必须将水泼洒在 一天一次,持续做三个礼拜。

  • Objective Searching for a safe 、 quick result 、 simple and painless method to treat skin wart .

    目的探讨一种安全、速效、简便且无痛苦的治疗皮肤 生物的方法。

  • Polyinosinic Cells Point-injection Therapy in Coordination with Traditional Chinese Medicine Takes the Clinical Application Study Curing the Flat Wart

    聚肌胞穴位注射配合中药内服治疗扁平 临床应用研究

  • My foot motherboard grows a monkey is develop wart very pained !

    我脚底板长猴子了就是拓 很苦恼!

  • I 've read that it 's a bad thing medically when a wart suddenly changes appearance .

    我读到过, 外表上的突变从医学上看不是什么好事情。

  • Eight-The city is a kind of high-life wart on the backside of the prairie .

    那城市是大草原屁股上的一种时髦生活的 肉瘤

  • Genital wart may eventually develop a fleshy cauliflower-like appearance .

    生殖器 ,最终可能发展肉质,菜花状的外观。

  • Of a test group of fifty-one wart patients roughly half received cryotherapy the other half duct tape .

    测试组有 五十一名病人,大约一半的病人接受了冷冻疗法,另一半病人接受管状胶带治疗。

  • A wart is a generally small rough cauliflower-like growth typically on hands and feet


  • Ingredients : Refined wheat starch fresh eggs lactobacillus calcium iodic refined salt purified wart .