warning function

[ˈwɔrnɪŋ ˈfʌŋkʃən][ˈwɔ:nɪŋ ˈfʌŋkʃən]

[计] 警告功能

  • The program displays real-time information updates different colors representing different status have the wisdom of early warning function to remind the relevant colleagues .

    此计划显示幕之资料即时更新,不同颜色代表不同情况,亦有智慧 预警 功能,提醒相关同事。

  • The coal mine monitoring gas system has been established in lots of coal mines but it is lack the early warning function to forecast coal and gas outburst .

    煤矿瓦斯监测监控系统已基本成形,但是缺乏对事态发展发生的前期 预警 功能

  • Warning function of the three laws in safety management of the grass roots

    三大定律 警示基层安全管理 工作

  • Design of warning function ;

    警示 功能设计;

  • This part includes three aspects : the early warning system action process the early warning system function and the Ming Dynasty early warning system characteristic .

    这部分由预警系统的行动流程, 预警系统的 作用及明代预警系统的特点三部分组成。

  • MMS expert system could provide real-time monitoring and customizable interface and history inquiring functions also it can predict the services traffic and supply a early warning function for the certain situations of China Mobile network department .

    彩信专家系统不但在日常的维护中为用户提供可定制的实时监控界面及历史查询功能,并且能够针对移动公司网络部门特定场景进行业务流量的预测和 预警 功能

  • The external surface at the upper section of the body is equipped with the light reflection strip which can produce the strong reflected light ray to perform the warning function .

    所述的靴筒体的上部外表面还设有反光条,可以产生较强的反光而起到 警示 作用

  • From the point of view of the investor and the listed companies this article studies warning function of special treatment system to the investor and the listed companies respectively with the method of event study and cases study .

    本文主要采用事件研究法和个案分析的方法,从投资者和上市公司两个角度展开,分别研究分析了特别处理制度对投资者和上市公司的 警示 作用

  • The finance warning system and the function of non-profit organization

    非营利组织财务 预警系统及其 功能

  • The regional logistics index could reflect a regional logistics development and it also possesses early warning function .

    区域物流指数可以反映出该区域物流发展状况,并具有一定的 预警 作用

  • Enhancement of the Airborne Collision Avoidance and Terrain Proximity Warning Function For Promoting the Autonomous Flight Capability

    加强机载交通和地形避撞 告警 功能提高自治飞行能力

  • Safe processing momently monitoring and controlling every processing data with damage warning function to insure processing security ;

    安全运行,时刻监控机组运行各项参数,有故障 预警 功能,确保运行安全可靠;

  • Strengthening the safety warning function and improving safety management are the guarantees for coal mines safety production .

    加强安全 警示 职能,提高安全管理是实现煤矿安全生产的保障。

  • They have symbolic or the warning function frequently in the film and television work even has entrusted with by directing the color which some kind is prescient .

    在影视作品中他们常常具有象征或 告诫 功能,甚至被编导者赋予了某种先知先觉的色彩。

  • It has been proved that the system has the voice warning function and it also has the characteristics of easy control simple interface and strong extension etc.

    通过实践应用证明,该系统实现了实时语音 提示 功能,并具有控制灵活,接口简单,扩展性强等特点。

  • This paper will discuss something more about the historical warning function and persuasiue function in ancient novels .

    这里,仅就小说的史 功能和劝戒功能两方面的问题进行一些探讨和研究。

  • The feasibility and reliability of the monitor software is proved by the experiment and its warning function was checked too .

    实验验证了本监测软件的可行性和可靠性,检验了软件的 报警 功能

  • The fault warning function will work when the equipment is out of work . Also the warning information and controll information can be sent to control and manage the remote terminal .

    当设备出现故障时,能够实现 报警 功能,还能发送报警信息与控制信息完成对远程终端的控制与管理。

  • This thesis points out that precedent names in The Bible have three functions namely moral influence symbolic meaning and warning function .

    本文指出,《圣经》中的先例名在人们生活中起着三方面的作用:道德影响、象征意义和 预警 功能

  • Traditional Laser warning system has single function .

    传统激光 告警系统 功能单一。

  • Designed and implemented a patent early warning function and applied to service outsourcing platform .

    设计并实现了专利 预警 功能,并应用于服务外包平台。

  • The system has the following aspects as simple structure convenient and reliable operatation and owning a possess warning function .

    系统结构简单、操作灵活、运行可靠,对故障具有 报警 提示 功能

  • The design that has introduced systematic software is ideological and design train of thought as system controls software to carry out programming carry out each systematic hardware suit realize each systematic function especially the function with the most major system to warning function .

    介绍了系统软件的设计思想及设计思路,对系统控制软件进行编程,将系统各硬件进行整合,实现系统各功能,特别是系统最主要的功能& 灭火 功能

  • And the software system is designed to complete basic function such as display storage and remote transmission on LAN . The forecasting and warning function is designed in the software system basis on the environmental whole simulation model of solar greenhouse .

    软件系统除具备数据的显示、存储和远程传输等功能外,基于日光温室小气候整体预测模型,新增添预报与 预警 功能

  • Strengthen the warning function and improve the safety management

    加强 警示 职能提高安全管理水平

  • Conclusion Concentration of LPA and AP made warning function as cerebral ischemia stroke and was a standard for judging ischemia brain damage .

    结论LPA、AP在缺血性脑卒中发生时具有 预警 作用,是一个敏感的反应有无缺血性脑损害指标。

  • So that the financial early warning systems not only to guide the daily operation and management of enterprises but also build new administrative functions : routine early warning function correct function and immune function .

    以使财务预警系统不仅要指导企业的日常经营管理,还要求构建新的管理职能:常规 预警 职能、矫正职能和免疫职能。

  • The Study on Special Treatment System 's Warning Function

    特别处理制度的 警示 作用研究