watch system

[wɑtʃ ˈsɪstəm][wɔtʃ ˈsistəm]

[法] 值班制度

  • The fifth chapter designed the upstream watch system .

    第五章设计了整个车辆网络的上位机 监控 系统

  • In this paper I design the serial server by java language and propose a new method aim at the realization of watch and control system in satellite communication earth station .

    本文通过运用java语言设计串口服务器,针对卫星通信地球站 监控 系统提出了一种新的实现方法。

  • China Crop Watch System with Remote Sensing

    中国农情遥感 速报 系统

  • Atmosphere Pollution Gas Watch and Control System Based on Embedded System and GPRS Transmission

    基于嵌入式系统与GPRS传输的大气污染气体 综合监控 系统

  • Watch and control system has been applied in many area and its design methods are also become keystone of research .

    监控 系统已广泛应用于各种领域,其设计方法也成为研究重点。

  • World Weather Watch global observing system ;

    世界天气 监视 司;

  • The Implementation of Net Video Watch System Base on RTP

    基于RTP协议的网络视频 监控 系统的实现

  • Ultra Low - power Family Intelligent Watch System

    微功耗家庭智能 监控 系统 研制

  • You may apply the relative difference of pulse counts to watch the change of tire pressure in the design of indirect tire pressure watch system .

    进行间接轮胎气压 监视 系统设计时,可以利用脉冲数的相对差值监测轮胎气压的变化。

  • When the restoration is done you can watch your system boot up from the virtual machine .

    恢复完成后,可以 看到 系统将从虚拟机中启动。

  • For example you can give the less senior administrators just the ability to start and stop servers and the night operators just the ability the watch the system ( monitor ) .

    例如,可以只授予较为低级的管理员启动和停止服务器的能力;只授予夜间操作员 监视 系统的能力(Monitor)。

  • Only North Korea bizarrely did nothing except watch its old system crumble .

    只有朝鲜奇怪地什么都没做,只是眼睁睁地 看着自己的旧 体制走向崩溃。

  • Application of Embedded Internet to the Remote Watch System for Airplane Equipment Parameters

    嵌入式Internet在机载设备参数远程 监测 的应用

  • Watch low-level operating system and network metrics

    监视底层操作 系统和网络度量

  • Now in one window watch the system logs using

    现在在一个窗口中,用以下命令 查看 系统日志

  • The performance of the character superpose chip SD01C01 and the application in camera watch system are described in this paper .

    文中介绍了字符叠加芯片SD01C01的性能特点及其在摄象 监视 系统中的应用。

  • The real-time monitoring and controlling system which relies on the running of the compressors DCS system is under the browser mode management layer watch system .

    依托大机组DCS系统研究开发的机组运行的实时监控系统,是基于浏览器方式下的管理层 监视 系统

  • Aimed at the real-time inspection and control of the Vehicle a remote Vehicle Watch system was presented which adopts Terminal-Basestation mode .

    为了对车辆进行实时监测和控制,阐述了一种采用车载台&基站模式的远程车辆 监控 系统

  • Study of Wrist Watch Design Expert System Based on Fuzzy Inference

    基于模糊推理的机械 手表设计专家 系统的研究

  • The ability to watch and count system calls is helpful not only for troubleshooting but also for understanding how application configuration affects performance .

    监视和统计 系统调用的功能不仅有助于进行故障排除,还有助于理解应用程序配置如何对性能产生影响。

  • Insurance investment watch system ;

    保险投资 监管 制度

  • We need to look at the pros and cons of watch system .

    我们需要 看到每个 系统的优缺点。

  • RS485 、 Filedbus and Distribution Watch System

    RS485、现场总线与分布式配电 监控 系统

  • The Embedded Watch System Based on ARM

    基于ARM的嵌入式 监控 系统

  • The purpose of this design is to construct a Watch System of Process Industry based on the Three Tiers Structure .

    监测 系统的三层模型结构设计和内置脚本设计。

  • A Watch System of Process Industry deals with networks in every department such as productive locale production dispatch and department of product manager .

    过程工业 监测 系统是涉及企业生产现场、生产调度和生产管理等企业各个部门的网络系统。

  • Research and designed the upstream watch system monitors the input and output data of system .

    设计CAN车辆网络的上位机 监控 系统,对整个系统的数据发送和仪表状态进行监控和测试。

  • This paper analyzes packet capturing principle in detail combined with the structure and functions of the software and introduces its application in designing a network security and watch system .

    文中结合该软件包的结构与功能对包捕获原理进行了详细的分析,并介绍了其在网络安全 监控 系统设计中的应用。

  • Application of Real Time Signal Watch and Collection System in Yongji Thermal Power Plant

    实时信号采集 监视 系统在永济热电厂的应用

  • The level of production and management are improved because of the application of real time signal watch and collection system in Yongji thermal power plant and the economic and social benefits are obvious .

    介绍在永济热电厂通过应用实时信号采集 监视 系统,提高企业的生产管理水平,保证 设备的安全运行,取得良好的经济效益和社会效益。