wasp sting

[wɑsp stɪŋ][wɔsp stiŋ]


  • We get colds in winter and hay fever in summer and if a wasp happens to sting one of us well that is the wasp 's initiative not ours ;

    冬天里,我们会得感冒;夏天里,我们会得花粉病。要是一只 黄蜂碰巧 我们,那体现了黄蜂的主动性,而不是我们人类的主动性;

  • She had a puncture wound in her arm from a wasp sting .

    她的手臂被刺伤了,是 黄蜂 的。

  • Sympathetic Ophthalmia Caused by a Wasp Sting

    黄蜂 致交感性眼炎1例报告

  • I love you more than a wasp can sting .

    我对你的爱胜过 黄蜂 叮咬

  • Stay still then the wasp won 't sting you !

    不要动,这样 黄蜂就不会 你。

  • He had a nasty wasp sting on his leg .

    他的腿上有处严重的 黄蜂

  • Clinical Observation of Large Dose Methylprednisolone in Treatment on Hemolytic Anemia after Wasp Sting

    大剂量甲泼尼龙治疗 致溶血性贫血的疗效观察

  • Methods To dynamic research the corneal change of the time stages after wasp sting with slit lamp microscope .

    方法在裂隙灯显微镜下,动态观察 黄蜂 后角膜各个时间段的变化情况。

  • Objective To investigate the change and results of severe ocular wasp sting .

    目的观察眼部 黄蜂严重 的改变及治疗结果。

  • Conclusion Optic atrophy and closure of retinal vessels may occur after serious ocular wasp sting . The prognosis is very bad .

    结论严重 黄蜂 可造成视神经萎缩,视网膜血管闭塞,预后极差。

  • Treat a bee or wasp sting with an ice pack ( a few cubes in a plastic bag wrapped in a clean cloth ) for20 minutes which will bring down pain and swelling .

    若被蜜蜂或 马蜂 ,可以用一袋冰(把几块冰装入塑料袋中,用干净的布包起来)敷20分钟,这样可以减轻疼痛,消除肿块。

  • Application of high-volume hemofiltration combined with hemoperfusion for patients with wasp sting accompanied by multiple organ failure

    高容量血液滤过联合血液灌流治疗 合并多器官功能衰竭疗效研究

  • Oh dear . A bee sting is worse than a wasp sting .

    哎呀!被蜜蜂蜇比被 黄蜂 更糟。

  • Vespa velutina nigrithorax is the main wasp species to sting residents in the city zone of hangzhou .

    墨胸 胡蜂为杭州市城区的主要 人毒蜂种类。