• Watchtower will guide you towhere he 's probably being held .


  • Mar. 6 : A Palestinian woman stands below a barrier watchtower decorated with two portraits .

    一名巴勒斯坦妇女站在张贴着肖像画的隔离墙了 望塔下。

  • They had built a watchtower to protect the vineyard from thieves but the thieves turned out to be on the inside .

    原来建 守望 是为保护葡萄园防止盗贼,没料到盗贼却在园子里。

  • A watchtower may have three to five embrasures .

    窗楼也分为三孔楼、 孔楼、五孔楼等。

  • Every few hundred meters along the Great Wall there is a watchtower .

    沿着长城每几百米就有一座 了望

  • At Mutianyu the Wall is roughly 20 to 25 feet tall and full of stairs and theres a watchtower every 100 yards or so .

    在慕田峪,城墙大概有20至25英尺高,上面有很多台阶,同时大约每100码就有一个 了望

  • Many people on the watchtower benevolence homo sapiens see hope she would stand in the east of the world .

    多少人在 守望,仁智人看到的希望,她将挺立在世界的东方。

  • French said three observatory the Eiffel Tower is the capital of the watchtower this is true .

    三个了望台法国人说,埃菲尔铁塔是“首都的 了望 ”,事实的确如此。

  • The third will discuss the source of the envolvment and development of the watchtower local house is the bold mixing of cultures and the significance and necessity of absorbing and using the essence of foreign cultures as well as inheriting the native cultural distinction .

    第三章:论述 碉楼民居形成和发展根源在于文化的大胆混杂,阐述新 形势开放地、不拘一格地吸收和利用外来文化精华,同时继承和发展自身民族文化的重要性和必要性。

  • If it isn 't why do they renovate the watchtower ?

    要不然,为什么他们要修复了 望塔

  • That of the Mazu Temple is an imperial watchtower because Mazu is respected in folk as Saint Mother the supreme goddess .

    祖庙山门呈皇城 ,这是因为妈祖被民间尊为天上圣母,是至高无上的女神。

  • Several banelings burrow outside the Terran base but the Zerg player opts to let them walk by luring them into a trap at the nearby watchtower .

    数只毒爆虫在人的总称基地外挖掘著隧道,虫族玩家选择只让虫群路过,并诱导她们到设置在邻近 监视 的陷阱。

  • From watchtower to fortified city he defeated the Philistines as far as Gaza and its territory .

    8 西家 攻击非利士人、直到迦萨、并迦萨的 境、从 望楼到坚固城。

  • The judge removed the scarecrow which had apparently been manning the watchtower for days and took it to the court as evidence .

    法官拿走了稻草人显然它已经在这个 岗位 不少日子了并将它 上法庭作为证物。

  • Motte and Bailey is a simple defensible outpost little more than a watchtower and protective fence .

    城寨是简易前沿防御基地,略强于 哨塔和栅栏。

  • There are four forms of forest fire detection and they are patrolling on the ground observing on the watchtower patrolling in the air and detection by the satellite from the outer space .

    地面巡护、了 望塔 定点观测、空中飞机巡护和空间卫星监测是实现林火监测的四种形式。

  • This Bridge had overhauled five times in the Ming Dynasty and on its piers 24 different forms of watchtower were set up .

    此桥在明代曾大修过五次,并在桥墩上建起24 形式不同的“ 望楼”。

  • At the time of this photograph senior monk Tharpa Tashi had been confined to the Tongsa Dzong ( Tongsa Fortress ) watchtower for six years .

    在拍摄这张照片的时候,年老的僧侣TharpaTashi已经被禁闭在通萨宗( 通萨要塞)嘹望 6年了。

  • Correspondence is people 's basic request and that transmitting the notes from watchtower in the ancient times to the contemporary mobile communication reflects the change of correspondence way .

    通信是人类的基本需要,从古代的 烽火传信到当代的移动通信,折射出通信方式的变化;

  • Later incorporated into Guangzhou 's city wall it was used as a watchtower to keep out the pirates who once pillaged China 's coastal cities .

    它曾经是一 了望 ,用来抵御当时侵扰沿海城镇的海盗,后来被并入广州城墙。

  • Standing in the watchtower we admired the surrounding scenes .

    我们站在 碉楼 ,欣赏四周的景色。

  • Prepare the table watch in the watchtower eat drink : arise ye princes and anoint the shield .

    他们 摆设筵席, 派人 守望,又吃又喝。首领阿,你们起来,用油抹盾牌。

  • The watchtower followed the aircraft by radar .

    望塔通过雷达追踪这架飞机的 行踪

  • Analyzes the historical and geographic reasons that lead the development of the Qiang watchtower ;

    分析羌 形成的历史、地理原因;

  • I understand : a kid with a Watchtower magazine on your front porch isn 't a Girl Scout with cookies but hey you didn 't have to sic your dog on me .

    我知道:一个拿着《 了望 》杂志的小孩和一个带着饼干的女子童子军意义是不一样的,但是你不需要让你的狗来追我。