water proof

[ˈwɔtɚ pruf][ˈwɔ:tə pru:f]


  • Gold River Hongshan Reservoir Water Proof and Environmental Impact Analysis

    金沟河红山水库 资源 论证及环境影响分析

  • The water proof gate is the main safety facility against underground water to the coal mine threatened by water disaster .

    对于受 水害威胁的矿井, 防水闸墙是井下防水的主要安全设施。

  • Implement three water proof walls effectively prevented the flow of water in abandoned mine ;

    实施了三道 防水墙,有效阻截了废弃矿井水的流动;

  • The paper introduced the construction technology of bituminous concrete paving coat the materials choice of water proof layer .

    介绍了沥青混凝土铺装层的施工技术,并对 防水层材料的选择等技术也作了介绍。

  • The key points construction technology and test method of water proof in situ were discussed in this paper .

    结合工程实例论述了帷幕注浆的设计要点、施工工艺以及 判定 止水效果的原位测试方法。

  • The best fabric for making middle and high performance clothing such as surgical clothes surgical kit etc water proof shield bacteria excellent ventilation .

    中高档手术衣,手术面料,医用包布等颜色有客户选定, 防水、隔菌、透气。

  • Only the new device is housed in sealed water proof case .

    只有这种新装置才具有密封 防水的外壳。

  • With good water proof property and corrosion resistance its hardened body can recrystallize after its bearing discruption .

    其硬化体有良好的 耐水性和耐腐蚀性,在承载破坏后还具有重结晶性。

  • This paper introduces the structure performance characteristic using scope of new type water proof materials SDK and building technique and operating demands .

    介绍了新型 防水材料SDK的构成、性能、特点、适用范围以及施工工艺和操作要求。

  • Hub Bearing Oil Seal it is mainly used in the auto hub bearing with the features of low friction dust and water proof and the inner framework and spring being made of stainless steel .

    主要用于汽车轮毂轴承单元,其特点是低摩擦, 泥浆和 ,内骨架和弹簧采用不锈钢。

  • The application situations of JS compound water proof paint in waterproofing work of toilet and bathroom are introduced .

    介绍了JS复合 防水涂料在厕浴间防水工程上的使用情况。

  • The performances of JS modified compound water proof paint based on cement and its application in water-proof projects of exterior wall are introduced .

    介绍了JS水泥基改性复合 防水涂料的各种性能及其在外墙防水工程中的适用性。

  • Water proof material is usually used for inner packing .

    内包装通常采用一些 防水材料。

  • The shell of sensor and the structure of gas chamber are both water proof and dust proof . It also designs the infrared remote control digital pipe display the audible and visual alarm circuit .

    对传感器的壳体和气室的结构做了 防水 防尘 处理,并设计了红外遥控、数码管显示和声光报警电路。

  • The water proof curtain with the model of interlayer ;

    对于 防渗帷幕,采用了隔水层模型;

  • With explosion erosion dust and water proof functions ;

    具有可靠的防爆、防腐、防尘、 防水性能;

  • The invalidation caused by irrational address existing construction quality defects etc of water proof gate will seriously threat the safety production of coal mines .


  • Therefore different kinds of coal seams have their own water proof columns in size .

    因此,不同产状的煤层,其 防水煤(岩)柱的大小应不相同。

  • The utility model has the advantages of high luminance small divergence angle shock proof and water proof good electromagnetic compatibility and interference-free .

    具有亮度高、发散角小、 防水防震、并且电磁兼容性好、无干扰的优点。

  • The influence of silicone and VAc content on the water proof performance was investigated .

    着重考察了有机硅用量、醋酸乙烯酯单体用量对乳液 防水性能的影响。

  • Foundation treatment water proof measures design principle and characteristic of feed water and drainage pipeline in collapsible loess area were introduced .

    由于湿陷性黄土的特性,湿陷性黄土地区 给水排水管道设计越来越引起人们的关注。

  • Using water proof installations a systematic study was conducted determine the effects of water stress on the protective enzyme activities and lipid peroxidation were determined .

    利用 防雨旱棚,研究了水分胁迫下夏玉米根叶保护酶系活性变化及其对膜脂过氧化作用的影响。

  • In this paper the application of GK 6 A water proof agent is introduced in large biological pool of Shijiazhuang disposing of sewage factory .

    介绍了GK-6A 防水抗渗剂在石家庄市污水处理厂大型生物池中的应用情况。

  • Super water proof multi-coated lens Study on the Novel Super-FEC Concatenated Code for Optical Transmission Systems

    超级 防水加硬多涂层光学镜片光传输系统中的新颖超强FEC级联码

  • Civil engineering ( 3 % ) residential houses ( decorative cloth ) construction field ( high strength and toughness moisture and water proof and so on ) as well as fabrics used to seal off road .

    土木工程(3%),住宅(装潢布)、建筑工地(高强韧性、 湿 防水等),又如道路隔绝 等织物。

  • Characters and main use : Soft and light high water proof and breathability . Good low temperature resistance and anti aging . Suitable for leisure wear and sports wear .

    特点及主要用途:柔软轻薄,高 防水高透湿,耐低温抗粘连。适合做各种休闲运动装。

  • Application of water proof cold forging steep screw steel connection in metro station


  • Pick the plastic bags from the domestic garbage and make them into water proof material and separate the inorganic material from the domestic garbage and grind it into powder .

    把生活垃圾中的塑料袋拣出来并制成 防水材料,将生活垃圾中的非有机物分出来并研磨成粉末。

  • Good chemical corrosion resistance weatherproof flame retardant and water proof .

    电缆具有较好的耐化学腐蚀性、耐气候性、阻燃和 防水性能。