• His new film is highly Watchable but not in the same league as his first two epics .

    他新拍的电影非常 值得一看,但不能和他以前的两部史诗 相比

  • Theodore Van Runkles'costumes and Faye 's wonderful hair made this film fantastically watchable .


  • The General Administration of Sport of China and the Ministry of Culture announced on Monday that a joint study had concluded that the Chinese public wants healthy watchable scientific and wide-ranging dancing state news media reported .

    据官方媒体报道,国家体育总局和文化部周一宣布,通过联合调研发现,中国公众希望 广场 健身 能够 具备 健身 观赏 、科学性、广泛性的特点。

  • It is pointed out that in the era of visual culture TV news could be more watchable by using visual language properly and improving visual communication .

    文章提出,在视觉文化时代,电视新闻恰当地运用视觉语言,重视电视 画面 表现 ,提升电视新闻的画面 美感 和信息 ,是 增强新闻可视性的一种有效方式。