watch night

[wɑtʃ naɪt][wɔtʃ nait]


  • My wife and I used to watch the Saturday night action at our local dirt track .

    过去我和妻子常常是在星期六 晚上观看在当地的土路上举行的赛车。

  • Well we usually watch television at night but tonight we are listening to the radio .

    嗯,我们总是在 晚上 时候 电视。但是今天晚上我们在听收音机。

  • Tom didn 't watch TV last night .

    汤姆 昨晚电视。

  • For example : Sure I 'll watch Monday Night Football if you take me to see the next movie of my choice .

    比如说:没问题,我周一 晚上陪你 足球赛,前提是你下次带我去看电影。

  • Although the holiday does not have religious origin many churches hold Watch Night services on New Year 's Eve .

    虽然元旦这个节日并不源于宗教,但许多教堂也在除夕举行“ 守岁”仪式。

  • The reason you just go home and watch TV every night .

    要我说服你 每晚该回家 电视。

  • I often stay at home and watch TV at night .

    晚上我常常待在家里 电视。

  • It 's a pity that I didn 't watch it last night .

    太可惜,昨晚没 这场 比赛

  • It is the most frustrating thing to watch night in and night out .

    一次又一次 看到这种事情怎么让人不 着急

  • Yet stars will watch at night and morning rise as before and hours heave like sea waves casting up pleasures and pains .

    但是星辰将在 守望,晨曦仍旧升起,时间像海波的汹涌,激荡著欢乐与哀伤。

  • Did you watch TV last night .

    昨天 晚上目的地 电视

  • I reflect and contemplate at night as I lie in our hammock and watch the night sky turn until familiar constellations are lost beneath the horizon .

    晚上,我躺在吊床上 静观 夜空 变幻,幽思默想,思绪纷扬,直到熟悉的群星一一隐入天际。

  • I was too tired to watch TV last night when I came back .

    昨天 夜里我回到家的时候,累得连电视都不想 了。

  • She did not watch TV last night nor did I.

    昨晚她没有 电视,我也没有。

  • Are you just gonna stand there and watch all night or do you want to get involved ?

    你是准备站在那里 还是一起来?

  • During the fourth watch of the night Jesus went out to them walking on the lake .

    夜里 ,耶稣在海面上走,往门徒那里去。

  • These astronomical telescopes were used to watch the night sky as well as popular Science publicity . However this did not play the role of this part of telescope .

    这些望远镜被天文爱好者们用来 观赏 夜空美景以及进行科普宣传,这并没有充分发挥这部分望远镜的作用。

  • The king became very angry at this and ordered the gardener to keep watch all night under the tree .

    国王知道后很生气,命令园丁要 整夜 看守苹果树。

  • He and the dog kept watch every night .

    他和狗每天 晚上守夜

  • I 'll ha'nt that tavern every night for a year ! I 'll sleep all day and I 'll stand watch all night .

    我愿每晚去盯那客栈,盯一年都行,白天睡觉,晚上 整夜

  • In the course of this transition government want playing traditional function that keeping watch at night people that economy talking about positive on one hand ;

    在这一转轨过程中,政府一方面要积极的起到传统古典 经济学家经济讲到的 守夜人的作用;

  • It is necessary to guard against a possible attack so that we shall not be obliged to watch every night or to keep up a fire .

    我们必须对于可能遭到的进攻有防备,这样就不需要 每晚 守夜或是生火了。

  • That basketball game we watch last night on television was simply great !

    我们 昨天 晚上电视里 的那场蓝球比赛真是好极了!

  • I put into my girdle all the money I had and certain choice jewels and provided myself also with food and saddled the mare with my own hands and rode away in the second watch of the night .

    我把我所有的钱和一些珠宝精品都放进我的腰带里,也给自己准备好了食物,我亲手给母马上了鞍子,二 时分,我就骑马 出奔了。

  • It is already getting dark I in feed rabbit to some turnips but I did not dare to go to sleep because I am afraid that the tiger harasses again I should keep watch at night for the rabbit .

    夜已经深了,在喂兔子吃了些萝卜后我却不敢睡去,因为我担心老虎再来骚扰,我要为兔子 守夜

  • Sometimes we just & and watch TV all night .

    有时候我们会 整夜 电视。

  • Did you do your homework or watch TV last night ?

    昨晚做作业还是 电视了?

  • Don 't you remember you was to watch there that night ?

    你忘了吗, 那天 晚上该你去 守夜

  • In addition I suggest you can watch the beautiful night view of Victoria Harbour at promenade in the Tsim Sha Tsui at night .

    另外,建议大家于入夜后到尖沙咀海滨长廊,便可 观看到维港漂亮的 夜景

  • Not having checked the watch the night before they found it stopped when they woke up .

    由于前一个 晚上没有检查 ,他们醒来时发现它已经停了。