vi.耐洗被洗掉(通常与 out 和 away 连用)(波涛等)拍打




  • You wash while I make some lunch

    一下,我 做午饭。

  • Rub down the door and wash off the dust before applying the varnish .

    在上清漆前,要彻底打磨这扇门并 尘土 清洗掉。

  • She washed her face with cold water

    她用凉水 了把脸。

  • It took a long time to wash the mud out of his hair

    花了很长时间才把他头发上的污泥 干净

  • This will all come out in the wash — I promise you .

    一切终会 真相大白的——我向你保证。

  • A wave of self-consciousness can wash over her when someone new enters the room

    一有陌生人进房间,她就感到极不 自在

  • The colours gently fade each time you wash the shirt

    衬衣每 一次都会褪点色。

  • The lights from the truck sent a wash of pale light over the snow .

    卡车的车灯在雪地上洒下一 淡淡的光。

  • The force of the water washed him back into the cave .

    大水 回到洞里。

  • This cloth shrinks in the wash .

    这种布一 就抽。

  • It was my job to wash out the fish tank .

    我的工作是 清洗鱼缸内壁。

  • Wash the white clothes together and the blue one separately .

    那些白衣服放在一起 ,这件蓝的 单洗。

  • Your jeans are in the wash .


  • Dick bought three wash and wear shirts to take on his trip .

    迪克买了3件 免烫衬衫出门旅行用。

  • He got a job washing dishes in a pizza parlour

    他在比萨店里找到一份 盘子的工作。

  • Wash your face thoroughly with a mild soap and warm water .

    用刺激性不强的肥皂和热水把脸彻底 干净

  • He said her policies didn 't work and the excuses didn 't wash

    他认为她的政策没有起到效果,而且理由也不能令人 信服

  • I bet you make breakfast and wash up their plates too .

    我肯定是你做的早餐并且 清洗了他们的餐具。

  • The oil washed ashore on roughly 1 miles of coastline

    石油 沿着海岸线扩散到了大约1英里范围的沿岸海域。

  • You are going to have your dinner get washed and go to bed .

    你先吃晚饭,然后 洗漱睡觉。

  • He went to the men 's room to wash flecks of blood from his shirt

    他去男洗手间 清洗衬衫上的斑斑血迹。

  • This cloth will not shrink in the wash .

    这布不 缩水

  • If they believe that solution would wash with the Haitian people they are making a dramatic error .

    如果他们认为海地人会 接受那个解决方案,那他们就 大错特错了。

  • The overpowering despair that he 'd fought so hard to keep at bay washed through the boy .

    一直极力压制的绝望情绪终于将男孩击 了。

  • She rested for a while then had a wash and changed her clothes

    她休息了一会儿,然后 ,换了身衣服。

  • They looked as if they hadn 't washed in days

    他们看起来好像已经有 好些天没 洗澡

  • Wash the lettuce and pat it dry .

    莴苣 一下拍干。

  • They wash their hands arms and faces and lastly they wash their feet .

    他们 了手、胳膊和脸,最后脚也洗了。

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with hot soapy water before handling any food .

    在拿吃的之前,用热肥皂水把手好好地 干净

  • The sea washed against the shore

    海水 冲刷着海岸。