water plane area

[ˈwɔtɚ plen ˈɛriə][ˈwɔ:tə plein ˈɛəriə]


  • Influenced by water injection and gravitational differentiation abundance zone of remaining oil was formed vertically in middle-to-upper-parts of the reservoir beds and horizontally in the low porosity units on the plane and the area with poor injection-production .

    受注 水波及程度和重力分异作用的影响,储层内部垂向上形成中上部剩余油富集,而 平面上低渗结构单元和注采不完善 地区剩余油富集。

  • The technology and method were presented for building ecological water storage basin on coastal saline land with water plane area of 15 hm ~ 2 being completed .

    提出了在滨海盐地上创建生态型水源地的技术方法,并建成了 水面 面积15hm2的生态型水源地。

  • There are four manners of sea ( saline ) water intrusion including plane zonal nervation or arborization and leaky of groundwater in study area .

    研究 海(咸) 入侵主要有 、带状、脉状或树枝状和越流等4种入侵方式。