• The monkey came in took the doll in his arms and jumping upon the washstand he began to wash its face .

    然后这只猴子进来了,把玩具抱在他的怀里,然后跳上 脸盆 ,开始帮它洗脸了。

  • Mammy plucked a large towel from the washstand and carefully tied it around Scarlett 's neck spreading the white folds over her lap .

    嬷嬷从 盥洗 摘下一条大毛巾,小心地将它的 一端系在思嘉脖子上。 一端盖住她的膝头。

  • Black marble top washstand in toilet ; White tile suface to the lavatory trough .

    卫生间 洗面 采用黑色大理 石板;洗槽外 白色面砖。

  • A mirror hung on a nail above the washstand

    脸盆 上方用钉子挂着一面镜子。

  • A baseball mitt and ball rested on top of the bureau and on the washstand a pitcher and bowl glowed as white as phosphorous .

    着棒球手套和棒球, 盥洗 上的水罐和碗闪闪发光,如磷光 皎洁。

  • In order to solve above problems inside bathroom a real multiple-function washstand is built and modified after an invention patent .

    为解决以上的问题,一部多功能 洗脸 发明专利改善其设计制造 出来

  • They possessed only a bed a washstand and a table .

    他们只有一张床、一个 洗脸 张桌子。

  • I remembered the books on Henrys washstand and asked her if she would read me a story .

    我想起亨利 盥洗 上的书,就问她能否给我读个故事。