verbal contract

[ˈvɚbəl ˈkɑnˌtrækt][ˈvə:bəl kənˈtrækt]


  • But Leighton is insisting there is no such verbal contract .

    但莉顿坚称根本没有这一 口头 协定

  • If the terms set forth herein conform with your understanding of our verbal agreement please indicate your acceptance by signing in the space provided for your signature in the enclosed agreement contract .

    如果你方认为这里的条款与你方对我们 口头协议的理解一致,请在所附协议 合同的相应位置签字,表示认同。

  • So I set up a verbal contract with all of my leaders which spelled out the decisions I deferred to them ( most of them ) and a list of details that I specifically cared about ( just a few ) .

    因此,我与所有管理者达成了 口头 约定,详细说明了我会听从他们的哪些决定(大多数),以及我会特别关注哪些细节(只有少数)。

  • A verbal contract isn 't worth the paper it 's written on .

    口头 协议连一张纸都不如。

  • A verbal contract is not worth the paper it 's written on .

    口头 合约等于一张废纸。