• After the user visits these pages may affect vermian download implement with many trojan virus .

    用户访问这些页面后,可能会感染 蠕虫下载器和大量木马病毒。

  • Clinical evaluation of 12 child cases with a vermian tumor

    小儿 小脑 肿瘤12例临床分析

  • Here is anterior vermian atrophy of the cerebellum in a patient with chronic alcoholism .

    慢性酒精中毒病人小脑 前部萎缩。

  • Stone says this are vermian can ego is duplicate but won 't information of filch user individual .

    通称,该 蠕虫能够自我复制,但不会窃取用户个人信息。

  • This vermian virus has stronger camouflage and alluring capacity .

    这个 蠕虫病毒具有较强的伪装和诱惑能力。