• Results Of 12 tumors 7 cases were located in the cerebellar hemisphere 4 in the vermis and 1 in the IV ventricle .

    结果12例肿瘤中7例定位于小脑半球,4 位于 ,1 位于第四脑室内。

  • Results : Medulloblastoma was common in children predominantly in male frequently involving the inferior vermis .

    结果:髓母细胞瘤好发于男性儿童,常见于 小脑

  • Objective The microvasculature of the anterior lobe posterior lobe and cerebellar vermis was observed under the optical microscope in 6 rats .

    目的光镜下观察6只大鼠小脑前叶、后叶 及蚓 微血管构筑。

  • Results The tumors lay on vermis of cerebellum 9 cases cerebella hemispheres 3.The male is more than female .

    结果肿瘤位于小脑 9例,小脑半球3 。男性儿童占多数。

  • The bishop hung his head and replied vermis sum & I am a worm .

    主教低下头,回答:“我是一条 。”

  • Conclusions The sonographic measurements of fetal cerebella 、 vermis 、 fourth-ventricle and cisterna magna are valuable for the accurate estimation of gestational ages and also help detect fetal malformations in the cranial posterior fossa .

    结论超声测量胎儿小脑、 、第四脑室、颅后窝池可以帮助我们更准确地估算胎儿的孕龄,并在筛选胎儿颅后窝畸形中提供重要的诊断线索。

  • The foci found were in vermis ( 36 ) and cerebellar hemispheres ( 6 ) .

    病变位于 小脑 36例, 位于小脑半球6例。

  • CT manifestations of this syndrome has common characteristics as follows : ( 1 ) Absence of cerebel-lar vermis ;

    此征的CT表现有惊人的相似性,它们是:(1)小脑 缺失;

  • Materials and Methods : Plain and enhanced CT scanning were performed in 95 patients with surgically and pathologically proved cerebellar vermis tumors .

    材料与方法:95例经手术、病理证实的小脑 肿瘤, 男性 59 女性 36 ,术前均行CT平扫及增强扫描。

  • After injection of HRP into the anterior vermis and the fastigial nucleus the labeled neurons were present in the external cuneate nucleus and in the dorsal column nuclei especially in their rostral part .

    在注射HRP 小脑和顶核之后,在其楔外核和后索核中见到标记细胞,楔外核中的标记 细胞 多于 索核中的。

  • Results : 18 cases were located at cerebellar inferior vermis 4 at cerebellar hemisphere and 5 at the the fourth ventricle .

    结果: 27 细胞 中,位于小脑 18例,小脑半球4例,第四脑室5

  • Based on the CT findings and clinical manifestation it might be divided into 3 types : 1 . Vermis hemorrhage usually complicated by rupture into the fourth ventricle .

    根据CT所见和临床表现,将其分为3型:1. ,常合并脑室出血、脑 积水 及时 手术 治疗

  • Results : Hemangioblastomas were often located in hemispherium cerebelli and vermis cerebelli other parts of brain were rare .

    结果:血管母细胞瘤常位于小脑半球及 ,其它部位少见。

  • Among them the intermedian zone on the mid - plane of the vermis could be seen in all lobules except lobules ⅵ and ⅶ .

    其中 状正中面上的正中带出现在除Ⅵ、Ⅶ小叶以外的各小叶中;

  • The tumor was located in the cerebellar vermis in 6 cases fourth cerebral ventricle in 9 cases and cerebellar hemisphere in 1 case and occurred in both the cerebellar vermis and fourth cerebral ventricle in 11 cases .

    肿瘤位于小脑 6例,四脑室内9例,小脑蚓部和四脑室内者11例,小脑半球1例。

  • Right cerebellum activation area include : on the right side of the cerebellar vermis right caudate head .

    右侧小脑激活区包括:右侧小脑 、右侧尾状核头部。

  • Results : 8 cases located in cerebellar hemisphere 5 cases in vermis 10 cases in fourth ventricle .

    结果: 肿瘤位于小脑半球8例, 小脑 5例,第四脑室10例。

  • Results The mortality significantly increased and the prognosis was bad in patients whose manifestations were as followings : bleeding volume ≥ 15 ml bleeding location was cerebellar vermis hematoma involved brainstem and ( or ) broke into the fourth ventricle be complicated with acute obstructive hydrocephalus .

    结果出血量≥15ml,出血部位位于小脑 ,血肿累及脑干和(或)破入第四脑室,伴急性阻塞性脑积水的患者预后不良,死亡率明显增高。

  • From 32 rhesus monkeys the vermis cerebelli and the portion containing the dentate nucleus were fixed in 10 % formalin . The animals of both sexes were divided into 4 age groups according to their dental status .


  • Case located in uvula and nodulus of cerebellar inferior vermis and vegetated ahead into rearward of medulla oblongata ;

    1例局限于下蚓 蚓垂及小结区向前侵犯延髓后缘;

  • Results All cases of transient mutism haboured a giant tumor in the region of the cerebellar vermis with invasion of the fourth ventricle and cerebellar hemisphere .

    结果12例缄默症,全部为巨大型小脑 肿瘤凸入四脑室,并向双侧小脑半球浸润生长。

  • 14 cases of these AVM 's were located in the cerebellar hemisphere 8 cases within the vermis 2 cases in the cerebellopontine angle and 4 cases within the brain stem .

    14例血管畸形位于小脑半球,8例位于 ,5例位于桥脑小脑角,4例位于脑干。

  • MRI Measurement of Normal Cerebellar Vermis

    正常小脑 的MRI测量

  • In recent years researches on brain magnetic resonance imaging of ADHD children showed that the total capacity of their cerebellum especially cerebellar vermis were significantly lower than normal children .

    近年来研究者对ADHD患儿的脑部磁共振成像扫描时发现其小脑总容量尤其是小脑 容量比正常儿童显著减少。

  • Two lesions of one case were found in cerebellum and the vermis of cerebellum . Among 2 cases with multiple lesions 1 case have 6 solid tumors and solid tumors with small cysts are all found .

    2例为多发病灶,均位于 ,其中1例有6处病灶,实质型和囊结节 混合存在。

  • Results : Medulloblastoma lay on vermis of cerebellum most frequently ( 15 cases 65.2 % ) . Cyst malformation was common ( 19 cases 82.6 % ) . Metastasis were found in 4 cases ( 17.4 % ) .

    结果:髓母细胞瘤常见于小脑 (15例,占65.2%),易囊变(19例,82.6%),4例出现转移(17.4%)。

  • 15 ( 80 % ) tumors located in vermis and 4 ( 20 % ) in cerebellar hemisphere .

    肿瘤位于 15 (80%),小脑半球4 (20%)。

  • The left cerebellum activation area include : on the left side of the cerebellar peduncle ( BA18 ) the left cerebellum ( BA19 ) cerebellar vermis .