• As the solution by the principle of minimum potential energy is good in con vergency it can be closed up to the Euler formula . Thus it is also of some significance in the field of structural stability theory .

    因解的收敛性 、外延好,能闭合于 Euler公式,因而在结构稳定理论领域也有重要意义。

  • The experiments show that the peak output power of the laser is 1.3 MW at the pulse rate of 15 pps the far field di - vergency angle is 0.6 mrad . The biggest misalignment tolerance angle is approximately 1 mrad in sensitive orientation .

    实验 在15pps 重复 频率下激光输出峰值功率1.3MW, 光束远场 发散角为 0.6mrad,敏感方向最大失调容限角约为1mrad。