• This is a veritable fairyland .

    简直是个 幻境

  • It led to a veritable Oriental Renaissance .

    这导致了 真正的东方文艺复兴。

  • Indeed in the last few weeks a veritable torrent of such books has flowed across my desk .

    在过去几周内,这些书的确 源源不断地送到了我的书桌上。

  • I 'm a veritable cornucopia of talent .

    我是个 真正的天才。

  • This veritable beast of burden can walk 30 miles a day carrying a load that weighs half a ton .

    这种 名符其实的负重动物可载重达半吨的负荷每天行走30英里。

  • It 's a veritable cornucopia !

    这是一个 真正的聚宝盆!

  • This book is a veritable storehouse of information

    这本书是 名副其实的信息宝库。

  • The shop was a veritable aladdin 's cave of beautiful antiques .

    这家商店的确是一个出色的 古董的宝库。

  • J2EE is a veritable alphabet soup of technologies each described by a catchy acronym .

    J2EE是一个 真正 各种技术缩写词的大杂烩,每种技术用一个容易记住的缩写词来描述。

  • It was a veritable feast . He provides unlimited food and drink .


  • It is a veritable heaven on earth .

    它是人间 真正的天堂。

  • It is a veritable mini-encyclopedia that covers all aspects of options trading better than his other book .

    这是 真正的期权迷你百科全书,涵盖了期权交易的每个方面。作者的所有书里面这本是最好的。

  • She had lived in the flat for thirty years and was a veritable magpie at hoarding ;

    老妇人在这套公寓里住了30年,她又是个 名副其实的收藏家。

  • Stuart Tannahill 's shed is a veritable hive of photographic creativity .

    斯图尔特·坦纳希尔的小屋是个 名副其实的摄影创意中心。

  • Levchenko was a veritable prisoner which was not healthy .

    列夫钦科真的成了 名符其实的囚徒了,这太不象样子。

  • We found ourselves in the midst of a veritable fairyland .

    我们发现我们在 名副其实的仙境中。

  • The boxer weigh three hundred pound and walk like a veritable colossus .

    这个拳击手重三百镑,走起路来像个 十足的巨人。

  • Under such policies Latin America became a veritable hothouse of industrial diversification .

    在这样的政策下,拉丁美洲变成了一个 真正的产业多元化的温室。

  • A veritable cottage industry of comparison-spewing institutions has emerged this author not excepted .

    一个 名副其实的由从事比较的机构组成的作坊式行业已然成形,笔者也不能袖手其外。

  • Compared with my child yours seems a veritable angel .

    跟我的小孩比起来,你的 小孩真像是个天使。

  • A veritable If you build it they will come moment for social advertising .

    这是一个 名副其实的“盖好 (广告)了,不 不来”社交网络广告的世道!

  • It was not easy in the shed in winter it was a veritable ice-box .

    在这木棚里工作是很不容易的,这木棚冬天是个 名副其实的冰箱。

  • Thank you for that lovely meal ; it was a veritable feast !

    谢谢你那顿美餐,真是一顿 名副其实的盛宴!

  • The mountain upon which they then advanced had been turned into veritable fortresses .

    他们前进准备攻击的山头已经变成了 不折不扣的堡垒。

  • There is a veritable crush of companies seeking to carve out a space in this burgeoning LED retrofit market .

    很多公司都全力以赴在新兴的LED 改型市场中占据一席之地。

  • Veritable truth is not in accordance with an external .

    证实的真理并不依照外在的 东西

  • The public gave her a veritable ovation .

    观众给了她一个 真正的哄堂喝彩。