• On the transition of flake graphite vermicular graphite in cast iron

    铸铁中片状石墨 FG 蠕虫状石墨 VG的转变

  • Domestic research vermicular iron remains in a number of simple parts production .

    国内对于 铁的研究还停留在一些简单件的生产制作。

  • How to control and check percentage of vermicular graphite was described and some suggestions to prevent vermicularizing effect degeneration were offered .

    介绍如何控制、检测 化率,并对如何防止蠕化衰退提出建议。

  • The Study on the Oxidation Resistance of Gray Cast Iron and Vermicular Cast Iron at 600 ℃ and 700 ℃

    灰铸铁和 铸铁在600℃、700℃时抗氧化性的研究

  • The paper briefly introduces the lithologic features and accumulation age of the vermicular red earth and mainly elaborate phytolith in it and its paleoclimatic indication .

    简述了江西修水 网纹 红土的岩性特征和形成时代,重点讨论了 网纹 红土中的植硅石及其古气候信息。

  • Modeling on the Characteristics of Vermicular Graphite Cast Iron and It 's Application Based on the BP Neural Network

    基于BP神经网络 墨铸铁性能建模及其应用

  • Effect of Trace Element Pb on Graphite Morphology in Vermicular Graphite Cast Iron

    微量元素铅对 墨铸铁石墨形貌的影响

  • The result show in the friction process the phosphorated vermicular cast iron dry friction temperature field have a variable process from non stable state to stable .

    结果表明,含磷 铸铁的干摩擦温度场在摩擦过程中,有一个由不稳定态向稳定态变化的过程。

  • Using Numeral Simulation to Optimize Casting Method Design of a Heavy Vermicular Iron Steel Ingot Mold

    用数值模拟优化大型 铁钢锭模工艺设计

  • The systematic research is made on the friction factor temperature features of the brake discs of vermicular graphite cast iron matched in friction with the newly developed linings of semi-metal materials on the 1 ∶ 1 bench tester .

    在1∶1台架试验机上对新研制的与半金属材料闸片摩擦配副的 墨铸铁制动盘的摩擦因数、温度特性等进行了系统研究。

  • Origin Development and Smelting Process of Vermicular Cast Iron


  • Study of a new method for making vermicular cast iron


  • Typical application examples of vermicular graphite iron castings are introduced in this paper .

    列举了 铁的典型应用实例;

  • The reasons of low percentage elongation of mid Si Mo vermicular graphite cast iron exhaust tube casting in trial production were analyzed .

    对试生产的中硅钼合金 墨铸铁排气管铸件 本体伸长率不足的原因进行了显微 组织分析。

  • An Optimized Alkaline Hydrolysis Method to Extract Lipid Biomarkers from Pleistocene Vermicular Red Paleosols : An Example from Xuancheng Anhui Province

    碱式水解法提取红土分子化石:以安徽宣城更新世 网纹 红土为例

  • The iron melting process vermicularizing treating process and casting method of the vermicular iron cylinder head of6110model vehicle diesel engine were introduced briefly .

    简要地介绍6110车用柴油机 铁缸盖的熔炼、蠕化处理工艺和铸型工艺。

  • Application and Development of Vermicular Iron Castings Used in Automobile Industry

    铸铁 缸盖的生产及应用汽车 铸铁件的应用与发展

  • Thermal stress measurement of 4.5t ingot mold of vermicular graphite cast iron in service

    4.5t 墨铸铁钢锭模在使用过程中热应力的测定

  • Reduction of Vermicular Iron Production Cost by Well-Choosing Raw Materials and Reducing Iron-Coke Ratio

    精选原材料提高铁焦比降低 铁生产成本

  • Since the dispersion strengthening of vanadium and titanium compounds solid solution strengthening vanadium and titanium cementite the role of grain refinement and refining graphite of vanadium and titanium the strength and hardness of V-Ti vermicular cast iron had been improved .

    由于钒钛化合物的弥散强化、钒钛渗碳体的固溶强化以及钒钛元素细化晶粒和细化石墨的作用,使得钒钛 铸铁的强度和硬度得到了提高。

  • In order to bring the vermicular cast iron into full play research on the wear resistance and cold / heat fatigue performance of vermicular cast iron is conducted .

    为充分发挥 铸铁的作用,对该种铸铁进行了耐磨性和冷热疲劳性的研究。

  • The equipments can cast aluminum alloy stainless steel copper ductile iron gray iron vermicular iron and different conventional metal parts .

    并且可以浇铸:铝合金、不锈钢、铜、球铁、灰铁、 铁等不同常规金属件。

  • Vermicular red earth is one of the most important materials for Quaternary research in southern China .

    网纹 红土是在中国南方地区开展第四纪研究的重要载体。

  • Kaolin forms pseudo-hexagonal plates often regularly arranged in book-like or vermicular stacks .

    高岭石呈假六边形片体,往往以书页状或 蠕虫状规则排列。

  • Bench Test and Research on Brake Discs of Vermicular Graphite Cast Iron


  • Microstructure of vermicular graphite in cast iron

    铸铁中 蠕虫状石墨微观结构

  • The characters development and process of Vermicular Graphite Cast Iron ( VGCI ) were discussed and then the main reason of diesel locomotive VGCI cylinder head leakage was analyzed .

    本文介绍了 墨铸铁的特征、发展历程和生产工艺,分析了内燃机车蠕墨铸铁汽缸盖渗漏的主要原因。

  • An approach of identifying vermicular graphite is introduced in foundry manufacturing using model identifying in fuzzy math

    采用模糊数学的模型识别法,提出了铸造生产中对 蠕虫状石墨的一种识别方法

  • The Models of Eutectic Growth in the Solidification Process of Vermicular Graphite Cast Iron


  • The cored wire injection process was used to produce vermicular cast iron .

    应用喂丝工艺生产 铸铁。