• In larger doses nicotine is a highly toxic poison used as an insecticide fumigant and vermifuge .

    大剂量的尼古丁有剧毒,用作杀虫剂、熏蒸剂和 驱虫

  • Tree with shaggy unpleasant-smelling toxic bark and yielding strong durable wood ; bark and seeds used as a purgative and vermifuge and narcotic .

    树皮粗糙有毒,具有不愉快的气味,木质坚硬耐久,;树皮与种子用作泻药、 驱虫 和麻醉药。

  • Since then only management of nightsoil was carried out and no vermifuge was given three years later the hookworm infection rate increased to 36.3 % .

    以后3年仅以 沼气 管粪,不 驱虫 治疗,结果钩虫感染率回升至35.3%。

  • Results Parasite infection rate of students decreased obviously general positive rate of verminosis droped 33 % - 55 % and positive rate of ascarid droped 32 % - 35 % by propaganda excrement test and collective vermifuge measure after project .

    结果项目实施后,通过宣传教育、粪检和集体 驱虫,学生寄生虫感染的总阳性率下降了33%~55%;蛔虫卵的阳性率下降了32%~52%。

  • A survey on the children s enterobiasis and vermifuge in four kindergartens in Beijing

    北京市四所幼儿园儿童蛲虫感染调查及 驱虫情况 报告

  • The Deworming intestinal helminthes in duck with Vermifuge ' Qu Chong Gu ' to be taken 2g / kg body weigh each time is well . Safety and handy .

    驱虫 每公斤体重 2 一次喂服,驱除鸭消化道蠕虫效果好,方便安全。

  • Synthesis and screening of yak hypodermal fly vermifuge

    牦牛 牛皮 的合成及筛选