• The main body of the women had now surged forward to the veranda in front of the row of office buildings which they had by now surrounded ;

    她们的大队已经涌到了 管理 那一排房子的 游廊 ,她们已经包围了这 管理 了。

  • In 1996 he began selling salads and vegetables from the veranda of the teak house .

    1996年,他开始在柚木屋的 走廊 卖沙拉和蔬菜。

  • Attached to the front of the house there was a large veranda .

    房子的正面有一条宽大的 游廊

  • Watching outside from the veranda of the living room .

    从客厅的 阳台 外看。

  • He paused on the veranda only long enough to plant a kick on Jack 's backside and clip Bob 's ear .

    他在 走廊 停留了片刻,打了鲍勃一个耳光,朝杰克背后踢了一脚。

  • Away she skimmed over the lawn up the path up the steps across the veranda and into the porch .

    她转身蹦着跳着地跑了,越过草地,跑上小径,跨上台阶,穿过 凉台,进了门廊。

  • They balanced the glasses on the rail of the veranda .

    他们把酒杯 小心 阳台的栏杆

  • There is a wide veranda under the overhang of the roof .

    悬吊的屋顶下是一条宽阔的 游廊

  • In this paper it is discussed that the veranda aegis net of intelligence invisible is made by use of microprocessor and infrared detector .

    介绍了由红外探测器和单片机构成 阳台智能隐形防盗网的设计。

  • Hence two people of brothers take broom and dustpan arriving veranda uping to sweep sunlight .

    于是,兄弟两人拿着扫帚和畚箕,到 阳台上去扫阳光。

  • Is a Veranda Indoors or Outdoors ?

    游廊 是户内还是户外?

  • Nearby mother 's sickbed there was another door leading to the narrow veranda .

    母亲病床不远处有另一道门通向狭窄的 阳台

  • She sat on the veranda sipping tea .

    她坐在 阳台 饮茶。

  • Their guests sipped drinks on the veranda .

    他们的客人在 游廊里浅酌着美酒。

  • Screams ring out as he jumps to slam the veranda doors safely shut .

    在他跳起来把通往 阳台的门 全都 砰砰 地牢 时,室内响起了一片尖叫声。

  • I climbed over the veranda 's low railing and walked across the sand .

    我越过 阳台的低栏杆,穿行在沙滩上。

  • They had their coffee and tea on the veranda .

    他们在 阳台 喝咖啡和茶。

  • Facing the lake was a little inn with its pillared veranda .

    湖的对面是一个有 柱廊的小旅店。

  • His wife came onto the veranda as they mounted the steps balancing herself between two sticks .

    当他们登上台阶时,他的妻子扶着两根手杖来到 走廊

  • It was indeed a delicious evening and I returned to the inn ( I believe it was your house once ) to rock with the old ladies on the concrete veranda .

    这实在是个宜人的傍晚。我回到小客栈(那时我曾把它当成家),和老太太们一起在水泥 阳台 跳跳 摇摆

  • In his overcoat Frank sits on the veranda and looks at the falling rain .

    法兰克穿著外套坐在 阳台 看下著的雨。

  • This opened onto a veranda with steps leading to a small garden surrounded by a high wall .

    这房间 一面 门外门廊,几级台阶通向高墙围合的一个小花园。

  • In a few minutes Norman Grange stamped along the veranda .

    几分钟以后,诺尔曼?格兰奇登登地沿着 游廊 过来

  • The veranda was equipped with heavy wooden rain doors that were kept closed at night .


  • The O villas are finished in a lovely wood finish you have a veranda with an outside bed and a fan .

    完成的别墅在一个可爱的木材完成后,你有一个 阳台与外部的床和一个迷。

  • I walked back along the border of the lawn traversed the gravel softly and tiptoed up the veranda steps .

    我沿着草坪的边缘走了回去,轻轻跨过石子车道,然后踮起脚尖走 游廊的台阶。

  • I stood on the dark veranda to smoke looking at the gradually falling asleep city .

    我站在黑暗的 阳台 吸烟,望着渐渐入睡的城市。