• The uppermost watertight deck . I 'll have watertight windows fixed .

    最高的 漏水的舱面。我要装上不漏水的窗。

  • Used for the watertight and oil tight manhole cover .

    适用于 船舶 和油密人孔盖。

  • It is essential that all wires are watertight .

    所有电线都必须 防水,这一点很重要。

  • I 'll have watertight windows fixed . This bucket has leaks in it ; the water is going to run out .

    我要 漏水的窗。这只桶漏了,水快漏光了。

  • Are you installing the watertight door ?

    你们在安装 密门吗?

  • Funnel petrol into a can Steamboats are often divided into watertight compartments by watertight partitions .

    用漏斗把汽油注入罐中汽船常用滴水不漏的隔墙分隔 滴水不漏的隔间。

  • There have been no injuries and the submarine remained watertight .

    我们已经 迅速 做出 反应确认没有人员伤亡,潜艇仍然具有 良好 性。并不会对环境造成任何 影响

  • Large watertight chamber used for construction under water .

    用于水下建筑的 防水的大 箱子

  • The rules state that samples must be enclosed in two watertight containers

    规则要求样本必须装在两个 容器中。

  • Both men have watertight alibis .

    这两人的辩解都 无懈可击

  • These materials need not be watertight .

    这些材料无需有 防水性。

  • The reptiles have watertight skins and eggs .

    爬行动物的皮肤和蛋是 透水的。

  • The medical argument against this substance is however not watertight .

    然而,反对这种材料的医学争论并不是 无懈可击的。

  • Gasoline dribbled from the leak in the tank . Steamboats are often divided into watertight compartments by watertight partitions .

    汽油从油槽漏隙滴下。汽船常用滴水不漏的隔墙分隔 滴水不漏的隔间。

  • That is referred to how a model represented by many trimmed surfaces is transferred to a watertight model .

    曲面缝合是曲面造型过程中 常用到的处理 技术,即把由多张裁剪曲面表示的模型转换成一个“ 漏水”的模型。

  • The police had a watertight case . They even got his fingerprints from that glass cabinet .

    警方找到了 确凿的证据。他们甚至在那个玻璃橱柜上提取到了他的指纹。

  • She had 16 watertight compartments .

    船上有16个 密封 舱均已 增压完毕。

  • Please change this penetrating piece into watertight construction .

    请将这个穿舱件改成 的。

  • Watertight test to be carried out to chief officer 's satisfaction .

    进行 试验,达到大副满意。

  • The system of course is not watertight .

    当然这套系统也不是 天衣无缝的。

  • The batteries are safely enclosed in a watertight compartment .

    电池被安全地置于一个 防水的隔间里。

  • I want to argue with him but his logic is watertight .

    我想跟他辩,但他的逻辑是 滴水不漏

  • They held up to 500 people and had watertight cabins for storage and comfortable cabins for the crew .

    这些船只最多可容纳500人,而且有可供储存用的 舱和舒适的船员舱。

  • Control and power system for all power operated watertight doors and their indicating system .


  • 10 watertight doors on main deck to be removed repaired refitted and watertight tested .

    10扇主甲板 密门拆下,修后装复并进行水密试验。事务所重新装修后将再次开张。

  • Closed so tightly as to be airtight or watertight .

    关闭的很紧的,不透气的或 透水的。

  • For watertight bulkheads how do you check the watertightness ?


  • The nob of the watertight door is damaged .


  • The boat is watertight .

    这条船不 漏水

  • The flask is completely watertight even when laid on its side

    即使平放,这个真空水杯也是 滴水不漏