• The HBox and VBox are simple horizontal and vertical layout managers that are overdue .

    HBox和VBox是原先就有的简单的水平和 竖直布局管理器。

  • You can use horizontal and vertical scaling in combination .

    您可以结合使用横向和 纵向扩展。

  • Pluto seems to have suffered a major collision that tipped it 122 degrees from the vertical .

    冥王星似乎受到过严重撞击, 倾斜了122度。

  • The gadget can be attached to any vertical or near vertical surface .

    该装置可以装在任何 垂直或近似垂直的平面上。

  • And we discussed the vertical oscillation .

    我们讨论了 竖直摆动。

  • The climber inched up a vertical wall of rock

    攀登者慢慢爬上了 陡直的石壁。

  • T should not be made larger than necessary since excessive erector damping causes the gyro to overshoot the vertical during erection .

    t也不应该做得比需要的更大,因为修正装置阻尼过大将使陀螺在修正过程中偏离 垂线过多。

  • You could have two plots that use the same horizontal axis but have different vertical axes .

    两个绘图区可以使用相同的水平轴,但拥有不同的 垂直轴。

  • All tables can be position in horizontal and vertical used .

    所有的表可以用在水平和 垂直位置。

  • Build Forge supports both horizontal and vertical scalability .

    BuildForge支持水平和 垂直的扩展性。

  • Plot distance on the vertical Y-axis against time on the horizontal x-axis .


  • You can declare multiple layouts for a container so as to combine both vertical and horizontal spacing .

    对于一个容器,可以声明多个布局,以便组合水平和 垂直 方向的间距。

  • We also added labels for the audio and video columns and included those in the vertical layout selection .

    我们还为音频和视频列添加了标签,并在 垂直布局集合中包含了它们。

  • The first well had a deviation of1.7 degrees from the vertical .

    第一口井 井斜是一点七度。

  • The board consists of vertical and horizontal lines

    板上画着横 的线条。

  • A box sizer can be vertical or horizontal .

    一个方框sizer可以是 垂直的也可以是水平的。

  • This works about as expected : Adjusting the vertical slider changes the range of the horizontal slider .

    这大致按预期的那样工作:调整 垂直滑块改变了水平滑块的范围。

  • This is done by applying one sine wave to the two vertical plates .

    其方法是把一个正弦波加到两个 垂直板上。

  • The vertical lift is 20 feet .

    举起的 垂直高度是20英尺。

  • The gadget can be attached to any vertical surface

    这小玩意儿可以粘在任何 垂直表面上。

  • The use of the traditional flat vertical design method respectively .

    此次采用了传统的平、 分别设计的方法。

  • The difference in the horizontal and vertical factorial moments is compared and studied using Monte-Carlo simulation .

    用蒙特-卡洛模拟方法对 纵向阶乘矩和横向阶乘矩进行了比较和研究。

  • As long as the verticals align the design will look regular .

    只要 所有 垂直 在一 线上,图案看起来就会很整齐。

  • The character “王” is composed of one vertical and three horizontal strokes .


  • Our treatment of horizontal flow parallels the treatment we followed for vertical flow .

    我们对水平流动问题的处理方式,与对 垂直流动遵循的方式是同样的。

  • We may partition matrices by drawing horizontal and vertical lines between the rows and columns .

    我们也可以将矩阵分块,即在行以及列之间画一些水平线和 垂直线。

  • First you draw the horizontal and vertical axes .

    首先,绘制水平和 垂直轴线。

  • This was done to enhance the vertical and horizontal scalability of the product .

    为了增强产品的 垂直和水平可伸缩性。

  • For some buildings a vertical section is more informative than a plan .

    有些建筑的 立面图能比平面图提供更多的信息。