virtual word

[ˈvɚtʃuəl wɚd][ˈvə:tjuəl wə:d]

[计] 虚字

  • The wall is made from virtual bricks represented by each word submitted .

    词语墙由 虚拟砖块砌成,每块砖都是一个被提交的 词语

  • Physical prototype is gradually replaced by digital mockup . The virtual assembly technology supplies easy and direct human-computer interaction interface so that the simulation environment and simulation operation in the virtual environment can be closer to real word .

    计算机仿真技术使数字样机正逐步取代昂贵的物理样机,而虚拟装配技术提供的友好直观的人机界面,使得 虚拟环境下的仿真环境和仿真操作更接近于真实 世界

  • There is self-contradiction between logic and realistic in the nominal word virtual enterprise while the verbal word virtual enterprise the virtual management of the enterprise turns energetic .

    名词性的 虚拟企业逻辑和现实上存在矛盾,而 动词的虚拟企业,即企业虚拟化运营则充满活力。

  • After setting and programming resource such as graphic frame buffer channel scene light camera facility we built the virtual proving ground which simulated the real word real color and light .

    对图形帧缓存、通道、场景、光照、视点等资源进行设定、编程后,建立了模拟真实 世界场景、色彩和光照的 虚拟试验场景。

  • As the virtual community has grown more and more consumers communicate online and e - word of mouth has become a hot topic by academic and business circles .

    随着 网络 虚拟社区的不断壮大,越来越多的消费者在网上进行沟通,网络 口碑已成为如今学术界和企业界争相讨论的话题。

  • What the virtual phenomenon appeared in the living world gives us what perceptible intuitions which is the first question need to know ; Secondly the virtual practice as a word there has not been a convincing argument to the people .

    虚拟现象显现于生活世界,它给予了我们哪些感性直观,这是我们首先需要了解的;其次, 虚拟实践作为一个 词语的出现一直没有给予人们一个令人信服的说法。