• I don 't condone violence in any shape or form

    我不能容忍任何形式的 暴力

  • The violence in her tone gave Alistair a shock .

    她语气之强烈令 阿利斯泰尔深感震惊。

  • She lives daily under threat of violence

    她每天都生活在 暴力威胁之下。

  • The party agreed not to incite its supporters to violence

    该党同意不鼓动其支持者使用 暴力

  • It is anger that is repressed that leads to violence and loss of control .

    是被压制的愤怒导致 暴力和失控。

  • He was the fifth person to be killed in sectarian violence

    他是宗派 暴力中的第5个罹难者。

  • Twenty people were killed in the violence

    有20人在这一 暴力 事件中丧生。

  • He was mellowed by a wife who weaned him off violence and drink

    他妻子帮他戒除了 动粗和嗜酒的恶习,使他变得成熟了。

  • What separates terrorism from other acts of violence ?

    恐怖主义和其他 暴力行为的区别是什么?

  • Despite the violence that preceded the elections reports say that polling was orderly and peaceful .

    尽管选举前发生了 暴力 事件,报道说投票得以和平有序地进行。

  • His were not merely crimes of theft but of violence against elderly people .

    他所犯的不止是偷窃罪,而是针对老年人的 暴力犯罪。

  • The entire film revolves around drugs sex and violence

    整个影片围绕着毒品、性和 暴力展开。

  • The government is trying to downplay the violence .

    政府试图对 暴力 行为低调处理。

  • He appealed to all factions to refrain from violence .

    他呼吁所有派系避免使用 暴力

  • Continuing violence will retard negotiations over the country 's future .

    持续不断的 暴力 活动会阻碍关系到国家未来的谈判的进行。

  • The renewed violence this week hardly augurs well for smooth or peaceful change

    本周新一轮的 暴力 事件预示着顺利平和的转变几乎不可能实现。

  • Women are still the main victims of domestic violence .

    女性仍然是家庭 暴力的主要受害者。

  • I call on everyone to renounce the use of violence and armed struggle

    我呼吁每个人都放弃使用 暴力和武装斗争。

  • ' There 's no need ' Amy said with sudden violence

    “没有必要,”埃米突然 激愤地说。

  • They turned a blind eye to the use of violence .

    他们对使用 暴力熟视无睹。

  • School crime and violence cuts across urban rural and suburban areas .

    城市、乡村和郊区都出现了校园犯罪和校园 暴力 现象

  • The city authorities said the curfew had contained the violence .

    市政府称宵禁遏制住了 暴力 事件

  • There 's too much crime and gratuitous violence on TV .

    电视里充斥着犯罪和无端的 暴力

  • Mr Straw issued a stern warning to those who persist in violence

    斯特劳先生向那些坚持进行 暴力 活动的人发出了严正警告。

  • The media bombards all of us with images of violence and drugs and sex

    媒体上关于 暴力、毒品和性的画面充斥着我们的视线。

  • The street protests had been infiltrated by people bent on violence

    街头抗议的人群中已经渗入了一些倾向于 暴力的人。

  • They threaten them with violence .

    他们对其进行 暴力威胁。

  • Greater demands were being placed on the police by growing violence and left - and right-wing extremism .

    暴力 事件和左右翼极端主义日益猖獗,这对警方提出了更高的要求。

  • The authorities have been too pusillanimous in merely condemning the violence .

    当局对 暴行只是进行了谴责,真是太胆小怕事了。

  • He has begun a hunger strike in protest over political violence in Karachi .

    为了抗议卡拉奇的政治 暴力,他已开始了绝食。