• The general survey of sweet potato virosis was carried out in 13 counties of Nanyang city and 2214 specimens of this disease were detected by NCM-ELISA .

    普查了南阳市13县(市、区)甘薯 病毒 的发生情况,以甘薯叶片作样本,采用 NCM-ELISA方法检测病害样品2214个。

  • RNA interference ( RNAi ) has developed into a powerful tool for studying gene function embryonic development and virosis therapy which can be capable of silenced the expression of special genes .

    RNA干扰(RNAinterference,RNAi)作为一种特异性沉默基因表达的方法,正在成为研究基因功能、胚胎发育及 病毒 疾病治疗的重要工具。

  • 302 Cases Virosis Hepatitis Clinic Assay of Qinghai City

    青海地区302例 病毒性肝炎临床分析

  • The Investigation of the Chicken Major Virosis in the Area of Shandong Province during 2000 ~ 2002

    2000~2002年山东省鸡主要 病毒 流行 情况调查

  • Study of Serum Complement in 108 Patients with Virosis Hepatitis

    108例 病毒性肝炎患者血清补体的研究

  • It is chemical and it is the material of drugs which is used for diarrhea virosis and eteritis .

    本品是化学原料,是抗幼儿轮状 病毒感染,抗腹泻的药物的原料。

  • The control efficacy against papaya ringspot virosis with agricultural facilities

    设施栽培 番木瓜对环斑 的防治作用

  • This study settles a solid foundation for the development of genetic engineering antiviral preparation for chicken and the study of the control and treatment of chicken virosis .

    本研究为鸡基因工程抗病毒制剂的研发及鸡 病毒 疾病的防制等研究奠定了基础。

  • There is a close relationship between COD and shrimp viral disease . COD is one of the important environmental conditions for breaking out shrimp epidemic virosis .

    通过对虾池内主要环境因子与对虾病毒病相关关系的研究,发现虾池内化学需氧量(COD) 诱发对虾 病毒 暴发流行的主要环境因子之一。

  • The proportion of virosis is 60.03 % bacterial disease is 25 % parasitic disease is 8.85 % and other disease is 6.12 % .

    中, 病毒 60.03%,细菌病占25%,寄生虫病占8.85%,其它杂病6.12%。

  • Plant virosis is one of important diseases of crops . The effectiveness and safety for disease control is far from demanding of agricultural production so it is still very imperative to develop new type of antiviral agents .

    植物 病毒 是农作物的重要病害之一,目前 植物病毒 的防治效果或安全性还不理想,远远不能满足农业的需求,急需开发新型抗病毒制剂。

  • Integrated Chinese Traditional and Western Medicine Treatment on 48 Cases of Virosis Myocarditis

    中西医结合治疗 病毒心肌炎48例

  • A Study on the Main Pathogene Species of Tomato Virosis in Yinchuan Areas

    银川地区番茄 病毒 主要毒原种类研究

  • Seed disinfection producing virus-free tobacco seedling colligated techniques of virosis prevention and cure at field growth stage control of virosis by chemicals and developing Chinese traditional medicine preparation were applied in this investigation .

    在种子消毒,培育无毒烟苗, 大田 配套防治技术,化学药剂防治和研制中草药制剂等方面,开展了烟草 病毒 综合防治技术研究。

  • Fast diagnosis of virosis myocarditis

    三江 地区 病毒 心肌炎的快速诊断

  • Peanut 's Virosis is now a frequent disease that affects seriously peanut production in Hebei Province .

    花生 病毒 是目前严重影响河北省花生生产的主要常发性病害。

  • Investigation of Sweet Potato Virosis and Identification of Pathogenic Serology in Nanyang City

    南阳市甘薯 病毒 调查与病原血清学鉴定

  • The first five infective diseases were virosis hepatitis tuberculosis diarrhea gonorrhea and syphilis .

    发病 前五位的 甲乙 传染病依次为 病毒 肝炎、肺结核、痢疾、淋病和梅毒。

  • A Study on the Relationship between the Increase and Decrease of Peanut Virosis and Climatic Factors

    花生 病毒 病情 消长与气候因素的关系

  • According to the receptorology and Chinese Medicine immunology NCM possess with adhering piercing and killing for virosis it has four advantage .

    病毒对人类危害巨大,根据受体学说和中医药免疫学说,纳米中药能黏附、穿透与杀灭 病毒,它有四大优点。

  • Types and Distribution of Peanut Virosis in Hebei Province

    河北花生 病毒 类型与分布

  • The integrated control experiment showed that treating seeds with 10 % Na_3PO_4 before sowing efficiently controlling aphid and properly applying NS-83 or vaccine N_ ( 14 ) in the period of plant growth can control tomato virosis effectively .

    播种前以10%磷酸三钠浸种、有效防治传毒蚜虫并以NS-83增抗剂或弱病毒疫苗N14处理植株的药剂防治措施,对番茄 病毒 有很好的防治效果。

  • The influence of the dishcloth gourd virosis on the yield and quality of the dishcloth gourd

    丝瓜 病毒 对丝瓜产量和品质的影响

  • Analysis and Countermeasures of Incidence Virosis of Prawn in Jiangsu 's Littoral

    江苏沿海对虾 病毒 疾病的发生 规律分析及防御对策

  • Studies on Infection Regularity and Application of Spring Cankerworm Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virosis in Xinjiang

    尺蠖核型多角体 病毒 在新疆的感染规律及应用技术研究

  • Identification of the pathogens of tomato Virosis in fujian china

    福建番茄 病毒 的病原鉴定

  • A Study on Yellow Virosis Pathogen in Winter Wheat

    小麦黄化 病毒病病原的研究

  • Analysis on the Dread Mentality among Virosis Hepatitis B Patients

    病毒 乙型肝炎患者 163例恐惧心理分析

  • It can improve the immunity function comprehensively and the performance is remarkably obvious when the animals are attacked by virosis .

    全面促进免疫功能的提高,尤其是当动物受到 病毒 疾病 侵袭时,效果 尤其明显。