• I am a virgin I want to lose my virginity tonight .

    我还是处男,我想在今晚失去 童贞

  • Because you lost your virginity to me .

    因为你失去了 童贞给我了。

  • Did you lose your virginity to a hooker ?

    你也把你的 童真 献给了妓女?

  • No one cares about virginity in this country .

    这个国家没有人在乎 童贞的。

  • She lost her virginity when she was 20 .

    她在20岁时失去了 童贞

  • His sister had lost her virginity many years before .

    他的妹妹在多年前就失去了 童贞

  • Yet virginity and chastity ─ especially for women but also men ─ remain prized virtues .

    无论男女,尤其是对于女性来说, 保持 处子 和贞操依然被视作一种至高的美德。

  • I lost my virginity to her .

    我把 童贞 献给了她。

  • Today most Protestants reject the doctrine of Mary 's perpetual virginity .

    今天大多数新教徒仍然拒绝玛丽亚永久 童贞性的教条。

  • And he lost his virginity in the boy scouts .

    并且在还是童子军的时候就失去了 童真

  • What 's all that about restoring your virginity ?

    什么,恢复到 处女

  • You could lose your virginity .

    你可以失去你的 童贞

  • But here is the proof of my daughter 's virginity .

    其实这就是我女儿 贞洁的凭据。

  • And he shall take a wife in her virginity .

    他要娶 处女为妻。

  • Like virginity you wake up one day without it .

    就像 童贞,某一天醒来,你发现它没了。

  • Speak for yourself loser . I just lost my virginity .

    说说你吧,衰人,我刚刚失去了 童贞

  • I wouldn 't have lost my virginity in a public bus .

    至少我就不会在辆公车上失去 处男 了。

  • I lost my virginity to a man when I was seventeen .

    当我十七岁时,我失去了我的 童贞,给了一个男人。

  • My virginity was my most cherished possession .

    我的 贞洁是我最珍视的财富。

  • But you also notice the sense of limitation and the vulnerability associated with the physical state of virginity here .

    但是你们也要注意到限制和弱点的意义所在,那是与身体的 贞节状态相联系的。

  • When Kim Bauer lost her virginity Jack Bauer found it and put it back .

    当金贝贝失去了 贞操,小强找到了它,并把它放了回去。

  • And I don 't know if I will lose my virginity when he visits me in July .

    了7月份 来看我,我不知道我们是否会发生 关系

  • Teaching conserving virginity before marriage seems to be the milestone of the sexual education in China .

    教育学生“ 婚前 ”,这貌似成为了中国性教育的里程碑。

  • I also threw in your daughter 's virginity .

    我同样 上了你的女儿的 处子

  • He entrusted me with safeguarding her virginity for him alone .

    他委托我为他保护她的 贞洁

  • If that happens nobody will be able to profit from its virginity .

    到了那个时候,没有人能从欧洲 央行 纯洁中获益。

  • When it is psychologically impossible for a woman to lose her virginity .

    当一个女人心理上不可能失去她的 童贞时。

  • She was19 when she lost her virginity .


  • I 'm finally losing my crime-scene virginity .

    我终于失去了我的 处女犯罪现场。

  • She even took a public virginity pledge with some of her classmates .

    她甚至还和一些同学参加了一个 处女 联盟会。