war crime


  • National legislation should provide necessary punishment basis for war crime in internal armed conflict .

    针对国内武装冲突中的 战争 犯罪 行为,国家立法机关应当提供必要的惩处依据。

  • And for the first time again rape and sexual violence have been recognized as war crime .

    而且,强奸和性暴力首次被确认为 战争

  • The historical tragedy between China and Japan will never be repeated needs three prerequisites : firstly Japanese politicians really acknowledge and retrospect war crime ;

    中日两国历史悲剧能否重演,将取决于三个关键因素:1、日本政要能否正视侵略历史,真正反省 战争 罪行

  • Violation of the terms of a capitulation by individuals is punishable as a war crime .

    个人若违反投降协定之规定则应受 战犯的处罚。

  • She has been involved in the war against organised crime .

    她参与了打击有组织 犯罪 斗争

  • On the Connotation of War Crime and the Subject of Criminal Responsibility

    战争 之内涵及其刑事责任主体

  • The war crime and so on the international criminal offense threatens humanity 's peace and the security seriously .

    战争 等国际刑事犯罪严重威胁人类的和平与安全。

  • On the War Crime and Legal Responsibility

    试论 战争 犯罪及其法律责任

  • Genocide is a war crime .

    种族灭绝是一种 战争 罪行

  • War crime is one of the international crimes that has been affirmed in International Law nowadays and the affirmation and penalization of war crime are main issues concerned by the international law and international society .

    战争 犯罪是现代国际法确认的国际罪行之一,对战争犯罪行为的确认和惩处是国际法和国际社会广为关注的重要问题。

  • The police are waging war against crime in the city .

    警察正在与城里的 犯罪 行为斗争

  • The mayor is confident the war against crime will be win

    市长确信反 犯罪 活动战争必定胜利

  • So a war crime I 'm afraid it was .

    战争 ,我觉得,是确定不疑的 罪行

  • Iraq 's interim government says war crime trials of members of the former regime of Saddam Hussein could begin as early as next week .

    伊拉克临时政府说,对前萨达姆政权成员的 战争 罪行的审判最早在下个星期开始。

  • It is rather cheering to think that if only briefly football can help to stop war and crime .

    足球能帮助阻止 战争 犯罪(哪怕只是短暂的),这真是一个相当振奋人心的想法。

  • The revive of natural law puts forward the theory of punishing war crime and new natural law promotes the perfection of internation - al humanitarian law .

    自然法复兴催生了惩治 战争 犯罪理论;新自然法学促进了国际人道法体系的完善。

  • Tokyo trial was a landmark case in the historical development of modern law of nations . It reaffirmed in its judgment the fundamental conception and principle of the war crime and individual responsibility of the high ranking officials which were recognized in Nuremburg Trial .

    东京审判是现代国际法发展史上的一个具有里程碑意义的事件,它与纽伦堡审判一脉相承,共同确立了现代国际法中 战争 犯罪 战争领导者个人责任的基本概念和原则。

  • As in the war on terrorism so in the war on Crime : the sharp question is how much risk a society is willing to absorb in order to preserve liberty .

    与反恐战争毫无二致, 抗击 犯罪的战役中,尖锐问题同样在于,为了捍卫自由,社会情愿承担多大的风险。

  • War crime is one of the atrocities in human history and one of the serious crimes in the category of international crimes .

    战争 行为是人类历史上最为残暴的行为之一,在国际犯罪种类中也属于最为严重的罪行之一。

  • The Historical Change of the Contents of War Crime Based on the International Laws

    国际法上 战争 内涵的历史演变

  • Wage war on crime disease poverty etc.

    犯罪 现象、疾病、贫困等作 斗争

  • It is as the International Criminal Court 's prosecutor says a war crime .

    正如国际刑事法庭(InternationalCriminalCourt)的检察官所言,他们犯下了 战争

  • The government waged a war against crime and disease .

    政府向 犯罪和疾病 开战

  • Genocide war crime ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity belong to the situations threatening human security so international society must provide protection in the framework of UN .

    灭绝种族、 战争 、族裔清洗和危害人类罪之害属于威胁人类安全的事项,因此,国际社会必须在联合国及其集体安全制度的框架范围内提供保护的责任。

  • This followed the controversial arrest in London at Serbia 's request of Ejup Ganic a Bosniak wartime leader Serbia holds responsible for a war crime in Sarajevo in1992 .

    这是发生在伦敦一次备受争议的抓捕行动之后。该行动应塞尔维亚政府要求,抓捕一名波斯尼亚战争头目伊吉普。 加尼奇。同时,塞尔维亚宣布对1992年萨拉热窝的一次 战争负责。

  • Russia also recognized Soviet responsibility for the mass shooting but has not classified it as a war crime .

    俄罗斯也承认了苏联的责任,但没有把这归类为 战争 罪行

  • In recent years as the sum of civil claim of China for war compensation against Japan increases the whore society are paying attention to the civil responsibility caused by the war crime of Japan .

    近年来,随着我国对日民间索赔案件数量逐渐增加,日本在第 世界 大战 期间 战争 犯罪的民事赔偿责任开始引起了全社会的关注。

  • War crime Crimes that violate the customs and laws of war .

    违犯 战争法律和战争习惯的 犯罪

  • To be honest bashing Japan using their past war crime as an excuse is really getting old .

    说实话,用日本过去的 战争 罪行做借口攻击日本真的太老套了。