• And so Wally Herbert returned from the Arctic with a huge financial debt and sense of failure .

    因此, 威利·赫伯特从北极回来后 便背上了一 债务, 心中 充满了挫折感。

  • I have Wally 's ashes in my house .

    我拥有了 威利的骨灰,把 在我的家中。

  • The sight of that wally hiding under a brolly at Wembley Stadium will haunt me for years to come .

    那个在温 布利躲在伞下的苏格兰人会让我恶心到明年。

  • Of course I know that Wally considers me more than himself always .

    我知道 沃尔特总是更多地考虑我,而很少 考虑他自己。

  • Wally gripped my arm partly to restrain me and partly to reassure me

    沃利抓住我的手臂,一是想制止我, 是想 稳住

  • The letter had arrived on the day that was marred by Wally talbot 's tragic accident .

    信到的那天正好 沃利 塔尔伯特的悲惨事故。

  • He was remembering the verses Karen had written him after Wally talbot 's electrocution .

    他想起了在 沃利 塔尔伯触电以后,凯伦写给他的诗。

  • I trusted Wally implicitly .

    我信任 威利 含蓄。

  • Wally Wrinkle wriggles his white wrinkled wig .


  • Eh ? look you Ned and you too Wally my dear this is new and unexpected to me ; and I 'm afraid my being behind the time and poor is at the bottom of it .

    嗯,内德,你听着, 还有 沃利,亲爱的,你也 听着,这是我意想不到的新 消息;我怕我落在时代的后面,而且贫穷可怜;这就是根本的原因。

  • Wally was easily removed from the pool but Teri and Katie became erratic .

    沃利 轻易地就被移出了水池,可是特里和凯蒂变得 难以对付。

  • I can reconcile myself to almost anything that advances Wally but I won 't have Wally putting himself at any disadvantage for me or keeping anything from me .

    如果这对 沃利 前程 有利 那么我自己几乎什么都能 迁就,但是我不愿意沃利为我而牺牲自己或者对我隐瞒什么。

  • Clifford opens the cage and Wally runs away .

    Clifford打开笼子, Wally跑了出来。

  • It 's not true . I spoke with wally 's parents .

    事实不是这样,我和 他的父母谈过。

  • This chap deliberately jostled Wally so he turned round and gave him a knuckle sandwich .

    这小伙子故意挤了 一下 澳利,于是 澳利转过身来猛地给了他一拳。

  • I need you here Wally

    我这儿需要你, 沃利

  • I came to talk to lan wally not you .

    我来跟伊恩聊天, 沃利,又没找你。

  • Wally 's wife looked pale and tired but some of her normal businesslike manner still came through .


  • Wally : how 's that steak coming horace ?


  • The three dogs run here and there but still can 't find Wally .

    这三只狗到处跑,但还是找不到 Wally

  • ' Wally my boy ' returned his uncle .


  • And then afterwards we will tell Wally no more earplugs okay ?

    后来,我们再告诉 瓦利不要再戴耳塞,好吗?

  • You fell off your bike again ? - you wally !

    又从自行车上摔下来了?&你 这个 笨蛋

  • First of all I knew Wally pretty well .

    首先,我知道 威利是个很好的人。

  • We can 't catch Wally . But we can catch a carrot .

    我们抓不到 Wally,但我们能抓住一个胡萝卜。

  • Wally is so lovely .


  • ' Therefore Wally therefore it is that I am anxious you should be early in the busy world and on the world 's track .

    因此, 沃利 &因此,我渴望让你尽早到这个忙忙碌碌的世界里去,尽早走上这个世界的道路。

  • ' The Lord Mayor Wally 'said Solomon 'for ever ! No more admirals .

    “永远是市长, 沃利,”所罗门说道,“不要再提海军上将了。