• Identification of Maize Wallaby Ear Virus and Construction of Detection System

    玉米 耳病病原鉴定及检测系统建立

  • Occurrence and Control of Maize Wallaby Ear Disease

    玉米 耳病的发生与防治研究

  • John wallaby has been made foreign secretary .

    约翰华莱比已被任命 外交大臣。

  • Now that they 've identified the wallaby bacteria scientists hope to find related species of bacteria in other livestock .

    现在他们已经被定义 小袋 菌,科学家们希望能在牲畜的 肠道内发现相关种数的细菌。

  • They also included the export of Tasmanian pademelon wallaby products from Flinders Island .

    计划中还包括,允许出口 芬林得岛的塔斯玛尼亚沙袋 产品。

  • Watch out for that wallaby !

    注意街 袋鼠

  • Small Australian wallaby that resembles a hare and has persistent teeth .

    澳大利亚的 袋鼠,形似野兔,有持久稳固的牙齿。

  • I 'm going to see a man about a wallaby .

    我要去见一个人, 商量 一下关于一个 袋鼠 事情