[ˈwɔlrəs, ˈwɑl-][ˈwɔ:lrəs]


  • The Walrus and the Carpenter


  • NC transfers this file to a persistent shared medium ( Walrus ) to enable sharing between users .

    NC将此文件转移成永久共享媒介( Walrus)以保证用户间共享。

  • The curved tusks of a walrus .


  • Walrus acts as a storage manager : It receives the image from you and stores it as buckets and objects .


  • Walrus is a storage service included with Eucalyptus that is interface-compatible with Amazon 's S3 .


  • As ice declines so does the number of days available for Inuit to hunt for animals such as seals and walrus .

    当冰降低之时,如此有用的天数给因纽特人有效的追猎动物如海豹和 海象

  • To learn more about Walrus internal working you can study Amazon S3 's S3cmd ( Resources ) .

    要了解更多 Walrus内部工作原理,可以研究AmazonS3的S3cmd(参考资料)。

  • The current version of Walrus offers inconsistent data and no object locking .


  • One thing both elephant manatee and walrus have in common is massive body size .

    大象、海牛和 海象都有一个大而重的身体尺寸。

  • They were ashore nigh on a week and us standing off and on in the old Walrus .

    他们在岸上停留了有一个星期光景,我们这些人呆在老 瓦鲁斯 上。

  • Throughout the Nomenclature elephant hippopotamus walrus narwhal and wild boar tusks rhinoceros horns and the teeth of all animals are regarded as ivory .

    本税则所称“兽牙”,是指象、河马、 海象、一角鲸和野猪的长牙、犀角及其他动物的牙齿。

  • Mr Watkins smoothing his walrus moustache stood near a candle reading a month-old newspaper .

    沃特金斯先生摸着 海象式的胡子,正靠近一枝蜡烛在读一份一个月以前的旧报纸。

  • Who 's the other walrus ?

    另一 海象是谁?

  • Humans along the shorelines where we congregate have often viewed the Walrus species with interest .

    人们经常在我们聚集的海岸线上,饶有 兴致 观察我们。

  • Walrus balances the vibration of the land and of the sea in the daily energy flow through our species .


  • Walrus feed on clams snails and other bottom dwellers .


  • Mammals such as whales and walrus in turn feed on this small prey .

    哺乳动物如鲸鱼, 海象反过来捕食这些小猎物。

  • Now you know how to install Eucalyptus in a cluster and how to modify the Walrus source code to implement or improve the file-sharing and file-locking mechanism on the cloud .

    现在您已了解如何在集群中安装Eucalyptus,以及如何修改 Walrus源代码来实现或改进云中的文件共享和文件锁定机制。

  • The main sound elements for the cave troll were a walrus a tiger and a horse .

    山洞里反复回响的声音实际上是 海象、老虎和马的 叫声 合成 出来的。

  • Alice waited with interest to hear about this conversation but it never happened because the Walrus and the Carpenter went on to eat all the Oysters instead .

    爱丽丝觉得 非常有趣,等着听 海象与木匠的对话,但就是没声响,因为他们接着忙着吃牡蛎了。

  • Seals much like Walrus live along the shorelines of land and sea .

    海豹就像 海象一样,生活在陆地与海洋交界的海岸线上。

  • Introducing file locking to Walrus

    引入对 Walrus的文件锁定

  • If the boss is a creep why not run wild on the chocolate-covered walrus blubber ?

    如果老板是个混蛋,不如狂吃包巧克力的 海象肉吧?

  • Imagine an interesting animal like walrus .

    想象一下 海象这种有趣的动物。

  • In Russia walrus clubs perform this function .

    在俄罗斯, 海象俱乐部 就是 冬泳 爱好者 组成的。

  • Some sea world animal is starting the new year like many others on a program to lose weight . a walrus is even doing push-ups and sit-ups with the trainer .

    一些海洋世界动物也像其他节目中的动物一样开始在新的一年里减肥。一只 海象也在根训练员一起做俯卧撑和仰卧起坐。

  • George Clark was a clean-cut-looking man with a large walrus mustache .

    乔治克拉克是一个有着 海象一样胡须脸上刮得很干净的男人。

  • The curved tusks of a walrus ; his curved lips suggested a smile but his eyes were hard .


  • The storage controller ( Walrus ) is a put / get storage service that implements Amazon 's S3 interface providing a mechanism for storing and accessing virtual machine images and user data .

    存储控制器( Walrus)是一个put/get存储服务,它实现了Amazon的S3接口,并提供存储和访问虚拟机器镜像和用户数据的机制。