waking dream

[ˈwekɪŋ drim][ˈweɪkɪŋ dri:m]

[医] 醒梦(指错觉或幻觉)

  • Even my young cousin is waking to her responsibility to sacrific precious study time and dirty her hands to see this dream fulfilled .

    即使是我的小堂妹也 醒悟到自己的责任,所以不惜牺牲自己宝贵的学习时间和不怕弄脏自己的手去实现 梦想

  • For most American civilians they are as if waking from a dream .

    对于大部分美国民众来说,他们仿佛从 醒来

  • 62 . Waking up from a weird dream and remembering every last detail .

    62.做了个怪 醒来发现 自己 居然记得所有细节。

  • Upon waking up he was unable to tell whether the butterfly had had a dream about him or he had dreamed of the butterfly !

    醒来 ,却无法分辨到底是蝴蝶 梦见了他,还是他梦见了蝴蝶。

  • Was it a vision or a waking dream ?

    噫,这是个幻觉,还是 梦寐

  • Smells like waking up in the morning slowly from a dream .

    闻起来像清晨缓缓从 睡梦 醒来 的香甜。

  • The whole scene felt like a waking dream or as if I had died and had been born again .

    整个场面感觉就像一个 正在 苏醒 ,又仿佛我死后重生。

  • He knew that instead of waking her he should lull her back to sleep so he tried to come up with an answer that would plant the image of a new dream in her mind .

    他知道不该 她,应该哄她继续睡觉。他试图作出一种回答,往她脑子里种下一种新的 梦境

  • They found people who dream about a new task perform it better on waking than those who do not sleep or do not dream .

    他们发现一些做梦梦到一项新任务的人 醒来 之后会很好地完成这项任务,而且比那些不睡觉或不 做梦的人完成地要好一些。

  • We sometimes congratulate ourselves at the moment of waking from a troubled dream : it may be so the moment after death .

    我们有时候会祝贺自己在某个时刻从不安的 醒来,也许那刻的 与死亡相关。

  • Hope is a waking Dream !

    希望是一个 清醒

  • A waking dream a walking dream .

    一个 白日 ,一个行走之梦。

  • Every free waking moment must be dedicated to your dream .

    每一 清醒的时刻,都要致力于你的 梦想

  • So he goes from talking to Saito to just waking up on a plane all as a part of a dream in limbo ?

    所以力欧从和 Saito对话就仅仅是为了上一架飞机,作为全部 梦境中的一段?

  • Waking up from my ten-year dream in yangzhou I 've won the name of a fickle man among the pleasure quarters .

    十年一觉扬州 ,赢得青楼薄幸名。(杜牧《 遣怀》)

  • In surrealist thinking the liminal has been seen as the threshold stage between waking and dream or the conscious and subliminal states of awareness .

    在超现实主义的想象中,阈限被视为在 清醒 梦境之间,或清醒状态下意识与潜意识之间的开始阶段。

  • Seeing this the old woman was like a person waking from a dream .

    此情 此景,让老妇人 如梦初醒

  • The one waking up me every morning should not be the alarm clock but the dream .

    每天 叫醒自己的不该是闹钟,而是 梦想