[医] 子宫悬吊术

  • Peri-operative nursing care of patients with vaginal wall bulge undergoing pelvic floor ventrofixation Modified vaginal paravaginal repair in 21 cases

    阴道壁 出行 盆底 悬吊 的围术期护理改良阴道旁修补术治疗阴道前壁及膀胱膨出21例

  • Ventrofixation of Fascia of Rectus Abdominis Muscle and Part of Cervix for Vaginal Wall Prolapse in Rabbits Experiment

    腹直肌筋膜部分宫颈 悬吊 治疗阴道壁膨出的家兔动物实验 探讨

  • Results Successful ratio of making the model of vaginal wall prolapse is 95.2 % . Recurrence rate of post-operative of ventrofixation of fascia of rectus abdominis muscle and part of cervix is 5.0 % .

    结果阴道壁膨出模型制作成功率为95.2%,腹直肌筋膜部分宫颈 悬吊术后复发率为5.0%。

  • Deep venous thrombosis model in rats prepared with simple and easy ventrofixation

    简易 悬吊 制备大鼠深静脉血栓模型