verbal agreement

[ˈvɚbəl əˈɡrimənt][ˈvə:bəl əˈɡri:mənt]


  • I wrote a memorandum to confirm our verbal agreement .

    我写了份备忘录以确认我们的 口头 协议

  • Verbal agreement can be binding .

    口头 协议也有约束力。

  • We have a verbal agreement with her

    我们和她有个 口头 约定

  • Verbal statements being no guarantee a written agreement is hereby made .


  • Before we wrap up everything I 'd like to add a clause to the contract . I 'm not comfortable with the verbal agreement .

    在我们结束谈判之前,我想在合同里加一个条款,我对 口头 约定不放心。

  • In China however business is often concluded simply by verbal agreement .

    然而在中国,生意通常是以 协议来结束。

  • Please do not think you can push all that aside so lightly simply with a verbal agreement .

    请不要以为你能如此轻易地把这一切推在一边, 简简单单地说句 完了。

  • That 's why you can hardly blame the Arsenal manager for taking this week 's reports of a verbal agreement between Barcelona and Henry with a hefty pinch of salt .

    这也是为什么我们不能过多的去指责温格对亨利和巴萨之间的 口头 协议持保留态度的原因。

  • The midfielder who took legal action against Ternana as he believed that his deal with the club was no longer valid following their relegation has reportedly reached a verbal agreement .

    这名中场和特尔纳纳对簿公堂,表示俱乐部和他有 口头 约定,在俱乐部降级之后,合同将不再有效。

  • Avoid signing papers and avoid giving a verbal or written agreement .

    避免签约并避免约定一个 口头或者书面的 协定

  • But I think I 'd better check with you just in case you reach a verbal agreement with him .

    但我想最好和你核对一下,只怕你和他达成过 口头 协议

  • If the terms set forth herein conform with your understanding of our verbal agreement please indicate your acceptance by signing in the space provided for your signature in the enclosed agreement contract .

    如果你方认为这里的条款与你方对我们 口头 协议的理解 一致,请在所附协议合同的相应位置签字,表示认同。

  • Though the property market has slumped I will buy the house according to our initial verbal agreement .

    虽然地产市场价格暴跌,我还是会按照最初的 口头 协议买他的房子。

  • When you receive a new purchase order a check a verbal agreement or even a written agreement dont get too happy and excited .

    当你收到一张新的订单、一张支票、一个 口头 协议、或者一份书面协议时,不要兴奋过度。

  • Verbal agreement between two parties who trust each other .

    互相信任的双方当事人之间的 口头 协议

  • Senior American and South Korean officials say at the time North Korea made a clear verbal agreement to agree on a mechanism for confirming the accuracy of its declaration .

    美国和韩国的高级官员表示,当时北韩作出了明确的 口头 承诺,同意建立一个确认其声明准确性的机制。

  • You can be quite verbal and expressive when closing but be certain that his agreement is genuine . Please verify that you are submitting a valid request . If you continue having difficulties please contact your certificate authority for assistance .

    成交时应 口才 过人,表情丰富,确认他是的 认同出自真心。请确认您提交的是一个有效的证书。如果仍有问题,请与您的证书颁发机构联系,以获得更多信息。