• Regardless of the traditional Western Philosophy or the philosophy after modern vergence west philosophy goes to deduce world with pure logic firmly believe that the outside in the real world still has a higher level .

    无论是西方的传统哲学还是近现代的西方哲学, 总体上都 只是 注重以纯粹逻辑去推演世界,坚信现实世界之外有一个更高层次的 本体存在。

  • Balanced structural interpretation and its constraints on tectonic vergence of fold and thrust belts : a case study from NW Zhejiang China

    构造平衡分析及其对 前陆褶皱冲断带构造 性的制约:以浙西北地区为例

  • Role of vergence movement in stereoscopic depth perception of human visual system


  • Kinetic depth effect caused by vergence of the eyes

    由眼睛 辐合产生的深度运动现象

  • Top-to-the-southeast movement dominates the thrusting of this tectonic system which differ profoundly from those thrust faults in the middle and western parts of the intraplate Yanshan orogenic belt in propagation vergence .

    本区逆冲断层系统,总体逆冲方向指向 南东,与燕山板内造山带中段、西段以向北、北西逆冲为主的逆冲推覆构造明显不同。

  • Lenses change the vergence of light waves .

    透镜 可以改变光波的 聚散

  • Based on the corneal data the effects of equivalent refractive index and error in radius of curvature on the corneal vergence measurement after refractive surgery are studied theoretically .

    在角膜数据的基础上,从理论上分析了等效折射率和曲率半径测量误差对屈光手术后角膜 测量的影响。

  • This finding reveals the important role of the interaction between accommodation and vergence in the development of myopia .

    这一发现揭示了调节与 辐辏相互作用在近视发展中的重要作用。

  • Effects on Accommodation Vergence and Stereopsis after LASIK for Patient with Myopia of Different Habits of Wearing Glasses

    LASIK对不同戴镜情况近视患者调节 聚散和立体视功能的影响

  • Applying grading mutation and dynamic parameter strategies the method speeds up the global search and improves the local con - vergence precision in the process of inner population mutation and their evolution .

    采用了分级变异和动态参数策略,使得该算法在种群内部变异和 种群进化过程中都能 有机 结合全局搜索和局部搜索。

  • The error in radius of curvature as well as the equivalent refractive index should be considered in the corneal vergence measurement for eyes after refractive surgery .

    屈光角膜手术后人 眼角膜 的测量, 不仅要考虑等效折射率 带来的误差,也要考虑角膜曲率半径测量误差 造成的角膜 度测量误差。

  • Two general classes of eye movements have been distinguished : Conjugate eye movements and vergence eye movements .

    两个眼球运动的一般分类已经很清楚了:共轭眼球运动和 眼球运动。

  • In comparison with conventional vergence methods matrix method is much simple and accurate .

    与传统的 聚散 计算方法相比,矩阵方法显得简便、准确。

  • PSO algorithm has superior in global optimization and rapid con - vergence .

    PSO算法具有全局寻优效果好和 收敛快速的 特性

  • The living standard improves gradually with the people the glycuresis assuming riches and honour falling ill is always looked at previously the prompt vergence moderate prosperity falls ill .

    随着人民群众生活水平逐渐提高,以前一直被视作“富贵病”的糖尿病,迅速 转向“小康病”。