• On all sides verdant sunset-bathed hills greet the eye .


  • In the reserve there are perennially snow-topped mountain peaks verdant and lush forests and stretches of serene lakes .

    区内有终年积雪的山峰、 繁茂的森林、静悠远的湖泊。

  • This day the verdant field are seen .

    今天满眼是 青翠的田野;

  • They may carry a message of hope for the verdant parts of the earth .

    它们可能为地球上 葱绿的地方带来了希望的信息。

  • The clear green waters and sandy beaches constitute a lingering gentle heavenly seaside resort while the lush verdant forests and spectacular caves mysterious and charming adventure to another .

    清澈碧绿的海水和绵长平缓的沙滩构成了天堂般的海滨度假圣地,而 葱郁繁茂的森林与神秘而壮观的岩洞又独具魅力的探险地。

  • The garden is covered with verdant grass .

    花园里长 了绿草。

  • The verdant pines remember the first time she wanted to rob a bird 's nest .

    那些 苍翠的松树记着查利云第一次想去掏鸟窝。

  • I saw some cows and ship grazing in the verdant pasture .

    我看到一些牛羊在 青翠的牧场上吃草。

  • It is blessed with strange rock formations verdant trees clear streams lakes and mighty peaks .

    这是得天独厚的奇怪岩层, 到处树木 葱茏,明确溪流湖泊和强大的高峰。

  • The forests outside Moscow were quiet fresh and verdant in June 1971 .

    一九七一年的七月,莫斯科郊外的树林安静 空气清新,一 青翠

  • Under the sparkling sunlight the verdant hills were glorious .

    在灿烂的阳光下,山峦 青翠 辉耀

  • The verdant mountain forest turns red gradually in the autumn wind .


  • My wife Debra and I are just back from our third trip to Yunnan a picturesque verdant province in China 's southwest .

    我和我太太德布拉(Debra)刚从我们的第三次云南之行归来。云南是位于中国西南部的一个风景如画、 满目 苍翠的省份。

  • The hills are verdant .

    山峦 苍翠

  • Be bless and verdant such as the boxwood 's branches when they are fixed on their vine-plant .

    愿你们得祝福及 青翠的,就如树上的枝子一样,就是当他们被固定于他们的葡萄树上的时候。

  • I love your temperament of verdant pines .

    我爱你 青松气质。

  • There is a verdant lawn in front of the dormitory .

    宿舍前是 绿 茵茵的草坪。