verbal learning

[ˈvɚbəl ˈlɚnɪŋ][ˈvə:bəl ˈlə:niŋ]


  • Norm of Auditory Verbal Learning Test in the Normal Aged in China Community

    听觉 词语 学习测验的社区老人常模

  • Conclusion : Phonological recoding deficit in lexical access was a potential cause of the verbal learning disability or mixed learning disability .

    结论:语音解码缺陷可能是 语文 学习障碍或混合型学习障碍的原因之一。

  • Low efficiency of verbal learning and high frequency of vocabulary testing in various examinations such as Practical English Test for Colleges which are necessary to graduation job-finding is a big headache for students especially for vocational college students .

    低效率的 词汇 记忆方法和各种各样的考试如毕业考试、高等学校英语应用能力考试、求职英语考试等成为他们很头痛的一个大问题。

  • Combining nonverbal sound and verbal sound in the teaching process teachers can create more active learning atmosphere with satisfactory effect .

    教师充分利用非语言声音和 语言进行交际,能使 课堂气氛活跃,达到良好的教学效果。

  • According to discriminant analysis a number of variables including verbal learning delayed recall trail making verbal fluency and spatial constructs were found to enter into the discriminant function and the total discriminant accuracy was 83.9 % .

    逐步判别分析显示, 词汇 学习测验、连线测验、词汇流畅性测验、延迟回忆测验和空间结构测验具有显著性判别意义,判别的总正确率为83.9%。

  • In addition pre-readers were more disadvantageous than novice readers in the verbal learning of both words and non-words but no difference was found between pre-readers and novice readers in non-verbal learning .

    不会阅读者在假词和非 学习中比初学阅读者差,而在非语言的符号学习中没有差异。

  • Rote memorization of verbal learning Save device Is unformatted .

    机械记忆式 语文 学习记忆媒体尚未格式化。

  • Preschool age is an important period for children verbal learning and cognitive development in this stage hearing loss have a serious impact in their language development learning social inclusion physical and mental development so early detection and early intervention is particularly important .

    学龄前期是儿童 言语 学习和认知能力发育的重要时期,该阶段听力损失会对其言语发育、学习能力以及社会融入、身心发展造成严重影响,因此做到早发现早干预就显得尤为重要。

  • We got the real situation of the teachers ' classroom verbal behavior which was so worrying . Two months later after finishing the two parts of the experiment students ' affect about English learning and their achievements were both improved .

    两个月后,由于参与实验的教师对课堂 言语行为和 言语行为的积极调整,促进了学生 学习英语的积极情感的产生,学生期末考试成绩较期中考试成绩有了明显提高。

  • Methods 32 patients with unipolar depression 38 patients with mild Alzheimer 's disease and 34 comparison subjects were included . All subjects were administered a battery of neuropsychological tests including WHO-UCLA verbal learning verbal fluency complex figure episodic memory .

    方法对32例单相抑郁症、38例早期AD和34例对照进行WHO-UCLA 词语 学习、词语流畅、复杂图形和逻辑记忆的评估。

  • Question 2 : Can classroom teacher verbal feedback from an adaptation perspective improve students ' English learning achievements at different language proficiency levels in the senior middle school ?

    顺应视角下的高中英语教师课堂 言语反馈能够提高不同语言水平学生的 学习成绩吗?

  • Rote memorization of verbal learning phenomenology of memory

    机械记忆式 语文 学习

  • With the modern computer technology Corpus Linguistics adopts the data-driven positivism as its methodology and conducts the multifaceted and all-around research on behavioral laws of language verbal communication and language learning .

    语料库语言学凭借现代计算机技术,采用数据驱动的实证主义为研究方法,对语言、 语言交际和语言 学习的行为规律进行多层面和全方位的研究。

  • Three composite scores such as number letter memory verbal learning sentence memory subtest were important in distinguishing children with dyslexia and normal children .

    数字记忆、 言语 学习及句子记忆3个因子对阅读困难儿童和正常儿童有鉴别作用,归类正确率为85.5%。

  • Objective : To formulate the norm value of auditory verbal learning test ( AVLT ) in the normal aged in Chinese community .

    目的:编制汉语的听觉 词语 学习测验(AVLT)在社区老人中的常模。

  • Cultural identity of verbal actions and college English teaching and learning

    言语行为的文化特性与大学英语 教学

  • The importance of verbal humor in cultural communication and language learning is displayed by combining cultural value and religion with cross-cultural communication .

    通过与跨文化交际 中的文化价值和宗教两方面结合,阐释了 言语幽默在文化交流和 学习中的重要性。

  • For this reason the author presents some measures and methods to improve teachers ' verbal feedback and students ' positive learning emotion .

    有鉴于此,作者提出了一些改进 课堂教师反馈 话语的措施以及提高学生积极情感的方法。

  • The subtest and index scores of the MABC showed moderate to high correlations to the Comprehension Memory Visual Reproduction and Digit Span subtests and moderate to low correlations to the Verbal Paired Learning Picture Recall and Figure Recognition subtests of the WMS-RC .

    本测验与WMS-RC的理解记忆、视觉再生、背数3个分测验相关较高,与 WMS-RC的联想 学习分测验有低至中度相关,与WMS-RC图片回忆分测验相关较低。

  • In the sides of teachers ' verbal mood expression the control of the learning climate and the other teaching behaviors the autonomy-supportive teachers and the controlling teachers have significant difference .

    高自主支持教师和高控制教师在课堂 言语语气、 言语表达、 班级气氛调控和其他教学行为等方面存在明显不同的特点。

  • Stepwise regression analysis showed that significant predictors for the score of The Multiple Achievement Tests were verbal learning and sentence memory subtest .

    多元逐步回归分析结果发现,成就测验成绩变异的44%可由 言语 记忆及句子记忆的变化来解释。

  • According to the requirements of the experiments this study adopted different cognitive tasks in the different stages such as lexical identification attentional probe verbal discrimination learning cued-recall verbal matching recognition and recall .

    根据实验设计的要求,本研究在信息加工的不同阶段分别采用了不同的认知任务,这些任务包括词性辨别、注意探测、 词辨认 学习、线索回忆、语词匹配以及再认和自由回忆等。

  • Stepwise discriminant analysis showed that semantic fluency and long-time delayed free recall of both verbal learning and complex figure explained a significant amount of variance on the neuropsychological tasks .

    逐步判别分析提示,复杂图形延迟自由回忆、 词语 学习长时延迟自由回忆和语义流畅是区分抑郁症组和早期AD组的重要指标。

  • Next comes the GMAT a four-hour computer-administered test of verbal and numerical skills . This requires rote learning of life-enhancing disciplines such as basic number theory the properties of triangles and times tables up to 15 .

    然后,是GMAT考试。这是一种长达4小时的 口语及数学能力的电脑考试,要求我们 熟读有益人生的基本定律,如基础数论、三角特性和1至15倍数表。

  • The massive research indicates that the language learning strategy and the verbal skill has the close relationship . The using of language learning strategy affects the language learning skill and the achievement finally .

    大量研究表明,语言学习策略与 语言能力之间存在着密切的关系,语言 学习策略的使用影响着语言能力习得的速度和最终达到的水平。

  • Compared to controls patients with depression displayed lower scores on semantic fluency and delayed recall of both verbal learning and episodic memory ( P < 0.05 ) whereas patients with mild AD were associated with global cognitive function impairment .

    抑郁症组仅表现为 词语 学习和逻辑记忆的自由回忆以及语义流畅的损害(P<0.05),而早期AD组表现为全面的认知功能损害(P<0.01);

  • To promote the development of individual listening the writer pays more attention to the input and output of nonverbal information as well as the verbal drills . This research aims to investigate the impact of two dual coding on listening of students with different perceptual learning styles .

    在双重编码教学中,为了更好的促进个体学生的发展,笔者注重对学生进行 言语训练的同时,加强非言语信息的输入输出,以研究双重编码教学对不同 感知风格学生听力理解的影响。

  • Of all three communicative channels linguistic content occupied large part of the teaching syllabus while the knowledge of NVC only appears subject to the main dominance of verbal language teaching and learning .

    在已知的三种交际渠道里,言语知识在教学过程中占据了主导地位,而非 言语 交际的教与 在外语教学大纲中被大大的忽视了。