• Microstructure and Viscoelasticity of PBT / In-Situ Polymerization Modified AT Nanocomposites

    PBT/原位聚合改性凹凸棒粘土纳米复合材料的微结构与 弹性

  • Effect of micro forces caused by driving fluid with viscoelasticity on residual oil in chemical flooding

    化学驱中 黏弹性驱替液的微观力对残余油的作用

  • The fundamental theory for frequency domain viscoelasticity was reviewed and the experimental method for obtaining the viscoelastic parameters of rubber material was presented .

    阐述了频域 弹性理论及材料粘弹性参数的获取方法。

  • A New Superconvergence Analysis and Extrapolation of Hermite-type Finite Element Method for Viscoelasticity Equation


  • Nonconforming Mixed Finite Element Method for Viscoelasticity Equations


  • Three-dimensional Viscoelasticity Finite Element Analysis of Flexible Base Asphalt Pavement

    柔性基层沥青路面三维 弹性有限元分析

  • Dynamic response of viscoelasticity structure is analyzed based on nearly incompressible finite element method .

    采用近似不可压缩有限元方法,分析了 弹性结构的动力响应。

  • Micromechanics Analysis of Viscoelasticity for Asphalt Mixtures Considering Influences of Coarse Aggregates and Voids

    考虑粗集料和空隙的沥青混合料 弹性细观力学分析

  • Effects of Glycerol on Viscoelasticity and Thermostability of Collagen Solution

    甘油对胶原溶液 弹性和热稳定性的影响

  • From the point of view of viscoelasticity dynamic responses of PCB under drop impact were calculated based on plate theory .


  • Using the corresponding principle between elasticity and viscoelasticity an analytical solution of bulging deformation in slab shell is obtained .

    根据弹性& 弹性的相应原理,得到了板坯鼓肚变形的解析解。

  • The Convergence Analysis of a New Second Order Nonconforming Finite Element to Viscoelasticity Equation


  • Non-linearity Viscoelasticity Model of Aged Asphalt Mixture

    老化沥青混合料非线性 弹性模型研究

  • And through lab experiments on homogeneous artificial cores the effect of viscoelasticity of comb polymer on displacement efficiency was studied .

    在人造均质岩心上进行驱替实验,研究梳形聚合物溶液的 黏弹性对驱油效率的影响。

  • Effect of viscoelasticity and shape of butyl rubber seal rings on structural sealing performance

    丁基橡胶密封环形状和 材料 黏弹性对结构密封性能的影响

  • The results showed that the melt of foamed WF-PVC exhibited viscoelasticity .

    结果表明:①发泡木粉-PVC复合材料熔体表现出 黏弹性

  • A Statistical Theory of Viscoelasticity and Its Application for Styrene-Diene Block Copolymers-Thermoplastic Elastomers Dissertation ; Two-dimensional collisions both elastic and inelastic may be demonstrated on this table .

    苯乙烯&二烯嵌段共聚物热塑性弹性体的 弹性统计理论及其应用在这个桌上,可以演示二维的弹性和非弹性碰撞。

  • A three-parameter viscoelasticity model was employed to simulate the concrete creep and a series of recursion formulas were derived to analyze the effect of three-dimensional concrete creep .

    建立了混凝土徐变的三参数 弹性模型,并推导了三维徐变效应分析的递推公式;

  • Experimental study on characteristic of blood viscoelasticity changes and mechanism of affecting the body after liver crashing injury

    坠落性肝脏撞击伤后血液 黏弹性对机体影响的实验研究

  • Topics include : elasticity viscoelasticity plasticity creep fracture and fatigue .

    主题包含:弹性、 黏弹性、塑性、潜变、破断及疲劳。

  • Adding surfactant will be able to improve solution 's viscoelasticity and sweeping volume as well .

    加入表面活性剂可以使 聚合物溶液的 弹性得到改善, 更有助于提高 体系的波及体积;

  • In this paper convergence analysis of the modified P1-nonconforming finite element for the viscoelasticity equation is discussed .

    主要讨论 弹性方程修正的P1-非协调元的收敛性。

  • Effect of fluid viscoelasticity on isolated eddy transmission

    流体的 弹性对孤立涡传输的抑制机理

  • Axisymmetric wave propagation and attenuation along viscoelastic cylindrical tube for a given boundary are investigated within the framework of linear viscoelasticity .

    本文在线性 弹性模型框架内研究了一定边界条件下无限长粘弹性圆柱管中轴对称波的传播和衰减。

  • Study of Viscoelasticity about Binary Interpenetrating Networks Water Swelling Material

    双组分互穿网络复合吸水材料的 黏弹性研究

  • Effects of age on viscoelasticity and deformation recovery of articular chondrocytes

    软骨细胞 黏弹性及恢复变形与年龄 相关性研究

  • Calculation of wrinkle recovery angles of fabrics using parameters of viscoelasticity solid models

    利用织物 弹性固体模型参数计算折皱回复角

  • Modified Riemann-Liouville Fractional Order Derivative Definition in Solid Propellant Viscoelasticity Constitutive Model

    一种改进的R-L分数阶导数定义在固体推进剂 弹性本构模型中的应用

  • The formation of different stiffness or viscoelasticity area was very important to the changes of cell shape during cytokinesis .

    胞质分裂过程中不同刚度或 黏弹性区域的形成对细胞形态的改变至关重要。

  • The upper semi-continuity of the global attractor A_ α on parameter a for a semilinear hyperbolic equation in viscoelasticity is discussed by applying some new results .

    利用一些最新结果,讨论了带 黏弹性的半线性双曲型方程全局吸引子的上半连续性。