vertical plates

[医] 垂直板

  • The measurement of velocity profiles of natural convection between vertical parallel plates

    平板 通道自然对流速度场的测量

  • Earthquakes at these faults are estimated to cause only three per cent of tsunamis & since most tsunamis are caused by the vertical displacement of tectonic plates .

    这些断层附近的地震据估计只产生了3%的海啸&这是由于大多数海啸是由构造 板块 垂直位移造成的。

  • Pod analysis of large-scale coherent structures in natural convection between two vertical plates

    竖直 平板间自然对流大尺度相干结构的POD分析

  • Then the vertical tilt licence plates were corrected by shear transformation .

    论文使用了基于剪切变换的方法来矫正 垂直倾斜的 车牌

  • By a series of FEM computations the added mass coefficients of rectangular vertical cantilever plates and continuous plates are obtained and given in graphs and tables .

    通过系列的有限元计算,本文用图表形式给出了 悬臂 和连续板的附连水质量系数,可供工程技术人员查用。

  • The vertical load capacity of a single pile is mainly took on by the expanded branches and plates .

    单桩 竖向承载力主要由扩径体(承力 承担

  • Another detail considers the addition of horizontal reinforcing plates ( cover plates ) to the beam flanges ; a third adds vertical triangular ( fin ) plates to both beam flanges .

    另外两个节点分别考虑了连接在梁翼缘的水平加劲板的作用和连接上下两个翼缘的 垂直三角 作用

  • Furthermore the test results show that the steel grid wall with special interior connection construction that horizontal reinforcing steel bars are joined to the vertical flat steel plates can work as a whole under above loads .

    试验结果还表明,钢格栅墙体采用水平钢筋连接 竖向扁钢 的内部构造,能够使其在受到上述荷载作用时,发挥整体工作的作用。

  • So although similar amounts of energy were released it had a different effect than when the quakes are caused by vertical shifts of the plates .

    这样以来,尽管所释放出的能量相当,但是跟 板块 竖直运动时所造成的影响却不相同。

  • The development history of computational methods for vertical uplift capacity of horizontal anchor plates is reviewed .

    简要回顾了水平锚 极限承载力计算方法的发展历史。

  • Vertical Load Transmission Character and Bearing Capacity of Cast-in-Place pile with Branches & Plates

    竖向荷载下支 桩的荷载传递性状及承载力的确定

  • An analytic solution of nature convective heat transfer between vertical parallel plates

    竖直 平板 自然对流换热的解析解

  • This paper describes an objective method for the design of three-piece coulomb-damped bogie suspensions to provide maximum lateral and vertical stability and minimum wheel and rail wear without the use of shear plates braces or linkages .

    论述了三大件库仑减振转向架悬挂装置的设计方法,在不采用轴箱剪切 、交叉杆和连杆的前提下,实现了转向架横向和 向的最大稳定性能以及轮轨之间的最小磨耗。

  • Vertical Uplift Capacity of Horizontal Anchor Plates

    水平锚 极限抗拔力研究

  • Rating criteria of seedling vigor were developed with which seedlings produced on vertical plates were classified into five classes each representing a stage of germination progress .

    根据胚根、下胚轴伸出与否以及子叶显现的长度,将 直立 上生成的幼苗分为五级。

  • An approximate model for the flow and evaporation heat transfer of highly viscosity liquid films freely falling down vertical wavy plates is presented .

    对高粘度液体在正弦形 波纹上的自由降落和蒸发建立了 分析模型。

  • Vigor in50 Chinese fir seed lots has been tested by seedling vigor classification on vertical plates .

    本文利用 直立 发芽装置测定了50份杉木种子的活力。

  • Research on heat transfer enhancement for condensation on surfaces of vertical corrugated plates

    竖直波纹 表面凝结过程的强化传热研究

  • This is done by applying one sine wave to the two vertical plates .

    其方法是把一个正弦波加到两个 垂直 上。

  • Seed vigor in Chinese fir ( cunninghamia lanceolata ( lamb . ) hook ) tested by seedling vigor classification on vertical plates

    直立 幼苗活力分级法测定杉木种子活力的研究

  • Optimum Structural Design of Vertical Capsulated Ice Plates Based on Finite Element Analysis

    基于有限元分析的新型 立式蓄冰 结构的优化设计

  • A mathematical model was established for condensation on surfaces of vertical corrugated plates based on the mechanism of heat transfer enhancement to thin down the liquid film due to surface tension effect between corrugated plate surfaces and liquid films .

    基于波纹板表面与液膜之间的表面张力作用能减薄液膜厚度而强化传热的机理,建立了 竖直波纹 表面的凝结过程的数学模型。

  • Experimental study on side effect of natural convection channel flow between isothermal vertical plates

    等温 平板通道自然对流端部效应的实验研究

  • Study of Frost Formation on a Vertical Cold Plates with and without External Electric Field under Natural Convection Conditions In the systems project of raising household consumption quality circulation enterprises cannot shirk their responsibilities .

    外电场对 竖直表面上自然对流结霜过程影响的研究在提高居民消费质量这一系统工程中,流通企业自然责无旁贷。